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RSS Haidimeng

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Religion is mans way of making sense of things, in this sense it was a good thing, but with all of the radicals in every religion going as far as to kill for what they believe in i would say it was the worst thing to ever hit mankind, if religion never existed the advancements of science would also be further along because there would have been no oppression of it by the catholic church.

1 point

I am a pipe smoker, age 21, no health problems

As for my first argument, the tobacco industry holds about 660,000 people just in the manufacturing and distribution sections, this doesn't include the farmers or the retailers. Taking away tobacco would lead to unemployment rates like never before. the farmers cant simply plant other crops because all of their equipment, sheds, and barns are made specifically for tobacco. The loss of all these jobs means less taxpayer revenue going into the all ready in debt government.

Argument number two, As for the health concerns, most of them apply only to cigarettes. Most if not all pipe and cigar smokers do not inhale, leading to the only major health concerns or cancers that they develop as being oral which in most cases are easily removed or cured. This being stated the average pipe smoker lives on average two years longer, yes longer, than the average non-smoker. This means that the only logical thing that should be banned would be cigarettes.

Argument number 3, secondhand smoke is the smoke that is inhaled while being around someone who is smoking. If you dont like the fact that someone is smoking around you ask them to please put it out, if that doesn't work simply get up and walk away. There is absolutely no reason you would "have" to stay around someone who is smoking. I do have a problem with people who smoke cigarettes around their kids all day long though they shouldn't have to be exposed to so much smoke on a daily basis, if your going to smoke with children go in te garage or outside and do it. This doesn't apply to pipe or cigar smoking in my opinion just because of how infrequently kids are exposed to the smoke. A normal pipe smoker sits down and relaxes while enjoying his favorite blend, relaxing cant easily be done with children running around. Leaving your kids in your car while your stuck in traffic is worse than having them around smoke for a few hours a week.

So in conclusion, should tobacco be banned, no, there is no need for it.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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