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RSS Hannah

Reward Points:56
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

definatly yes.

they are either a dumbshit trying to bullshit their way out of trouble, or they are really crazy and belong in a straight jacket in a nice cosy padded room..

0 points

this isn't about forcing or wanting gays to go straight. I have no problem with gays at all.

What i ment was that i have seen straight people go gay, but would it be consider wierd if gays go straight?

1 point

ok heres one.

my bro got a girlfriend who bites her nails of her toes...and eats them!!!!


3 points

dude i swear you have a thing for men in leopard undies


1 point



1 point

you should have seen my dinner the other night.

i didn't see any legs on THAT duck

hehe :]

2 points

ok 2 good reason why yes, we do need meat:

1) its got vitamins and other stuff in it that our bodies need, such as iron.

2) it tastes SO DAMN GOOD!!!!


1 point

fiction i think.

i've never seen any evidence.

and the bible..well wouldn't you say that it could just be a story written by some guys making up something that may make sense in how the universe and earth and all of the things that live on earth were created?

i think they were desperate to find out and made up some ridiculous stories.

1 point

of course..why hadn't i expected that answer?

haha :),,,,

1 point

ooh ooh!

i especially loved the Joker in the dark night played by heath ledger.

it was playe soo well and it cracked me up ;)

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Winning Position: of course they can
Winning Position: eats toenails
Winning Position: Joker
Winning Position: Transformers
Winning Position: Yes

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Hannah 
Gender: grrrl
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: Australia
Education: High School

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