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RSS HannahLlama

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1 point

Mislim da internet može biti vrlo prijetnja nekim ljudima. Ako ste mudri kada koristite internet, onda da - trebate odlučiti koliko ga koristite. Ali za mene, mislim da cijeli svijet mora skinuti svoje ideje i pogledati.

1 point

I believe that, yes, athletes are overpaid. Not only is the sole purpose of their job entertainment, but

they get millions paid to them a year. The athletes are paid over double of what, say, doctors get paid per year. Doctors are needed, or at least highly useful for a healthy (and even happy) life.

1 point

Yes, but what will happen to them as adults if the kids choose to not go to school? What kind of life will they have?

1 point

It really depends on what side you are for. For example, in WWII, the Germans thought they were doing the right ting, but Americans did not. So, we might think of someone like Hitler as a bad person, but they (at that time) thought the Jewish were bad/contaminating people. I personally think that there has been multiple "bad" people throughout history - it just depends on which side you're looking from.

1 point

Ill tell you this: It's better than 7, 1, and 2... but it isn't as good (for me) as 4-6 (some of that trilogy is better and some is worse) and 3. DEFINITELY better than Rogue One in my opinion.

1 point

It depends on the reasoning behind your refusal. If you refused to help to protect yourself, then no - you're not responsible. If you refuse because you want to be lazy, then yes - you are responsible.

1 point


When you have a drink of water, is the inside part of the cup that's completely covered in water actually wet? Is the bottom of lake superior wet? Just seeing what you think.

HannahLlama(83) Clarified
2 points

GoodListener -

Good point. I've never really thought of it that way.

2 points


1 point

What? IDK what you're talking about. lol. I'm clueless. _

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About Me

"Why do you even want to know about me? Here's all you need to know - I like oxygen. It is helpful."

Biographical Information
Name: Hannah Steiner
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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