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RSS HannahPomPom

Reward Points:206
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10 most recent arguments.

I can tell you like the song lol. That is nice.

Just ruins to original taste I would have for it. Sounds stupid now.

That is why I don't like going to church.

Lots of Christians are nutcases. I don't like going to church. I am always dragged there.

Nope. Bro I listen to that stuff sometimes. However to Christians if it ain't Gospel they don't like it. I was listening to Versace by Drake in church and people get an attitude for no reason.

.. Hmmmmmmmmmmm lol. ^^ Oh look. I am happy now.

I see how it is. I see.

I don't think I said I liked the kid at all. In fact I think its funny he wants to live with her.

If the creation story is true then of course. You have to populate somehow. However after a you have a nice population think you can be gay.

Why? What makes you believe that?

Displaying 2 most recent debates.

Winning Position: If you had to live with one user from this site who would it be?

About Me

"I like to stay pretty chill. Maybe a bit sparky but definetly not boring."

Biographical Information
Name: Hannah Baechale
Gender: Female
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Education: In College

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