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RSS HarrySnotter

Reward Points:9
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2 points

If the left were compassionate and tolerant, they would happily and nonviolently live amongst Conservatives with ease. Instead, they don't tolerate them and even attack them wherever they can find them, which is the opposite of compassionate and tolerant.

1 point

Excuse me sir, but it looks like you dodged the question, which was can you be a Jew while not condemning people who want Jews dead?

1 point

They should come to my bar, buy lots of beer, and get sloppy ass drunk.

1 point

Which is it? Are muslims RIGHT wing or are they MARXISTS?

Wings has nothing to do with it. Treason knows no wing. Hate knows no wing. Deception and espionage knows no wing. Marxists have the heart of Nazism and tyrany, but pretend to hate fascism while being anything but. Communists in the West typically claim to be good things, while doing evil things. In the East, they have all of the power, so they need not pretend.

3 points

You're the type of girl who needs the man to lead so she doesn't fall in the pond.

5 points

Here we have a passive aggressive pleb who picks an avatar who is about as gay as gay can get.

1 point

Who said in general you retard ?

Calling black people baboons is obviously a race based attack you cunt nugget.

Explain why baboon mean black people and not another race

HarrySnotter(9) Clarified
1 point

Probably better stay away from the Middle East wouldn't you say Excon?

2 points

Nobody denies Clinton provided Russia with weapons grade uranium. There's no theory to it.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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