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RSS HighFalutin

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HighFalutin(2355) Clarified
1 point

Re: "instead, went to a secret dinner and meeting to agree that they would do anything to "make him fail" and to be a "one term President".

Was that the one where the had the "White man keeping Black man under their thumb" meeting, too?

Don't forget, the original birther was Hillary's camp which was based on Obama's Harvard bio. I'm just curious, when did Obama correct the error in his bio?

I'm sure many on the right didn't attend for various reasons, but there was no organized protest boycotting the inauguration by congressional members of the right. Remember, John Lewis started the verbal jousting and now wants to be a victim of Trump's response. Boo hoo, Baby.

The MSM is working overtime to make Vlad and Trump bossum bodies and you're taking it hook, line and sinker. You are a good minion.

Yep, opportunity is everywhere; you just have to embrace it.

European deserve the government they have and it's only going to get worse. They are acting like Neville Chamberlain and employing the policy of appeasement lest they offend Muslims. That is weak and short-sighted. Just look at history to see where appeasement leads to.

All people have the opportunity to change their lot in life for the better. Go take advantage of it and just do it and stop bellyaching about this person has more than you do- go do something about it.

You're welcome.

All the whiney-butts need to get over it. He won, he is your next President. Get use to it: President Trump.

Too bad, how sad. If only our politicians and talking heads, especially on the left, would open their eyes and acknowledge reality we could avert the same problem. But, that is probably asking too much.

I'm loving it, too. It's about time they "put baby in its place" and call it like like it is.

Sin is in the eye of the beholder.



You are a concerned and compassionate carnivore.


It's far more complicated than that. Islamic terrorism has been around for 1500 years. 911 occurred under Bush, but was in the planning under Clinton. It was Bush who decided to go into Iraq, a boneheaded move. This destabilized the region making it ripe for a whole host of miscreant groups to fill the void. But, Obama's boneheaded move to leave when he did created a vacuum that ISIS filled and grew stronger. It's wasn't liberal or conservative that caused it; it was misguided US policies that helped fan the flames of it.

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