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RSS HighFalutin

Reward Points:2363
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It should be raised to 40. At that age most have experienced life and have a more realistic view of how the world works.

HighFalutin(2363) Clarified
1 point

The question that reigns supreme in my mind: who said the chicken crossed the road and what empirical data do you have to affirm the aforementioned activity?

They represent the will of the people of their respective states, so yessiree Bob. What was undemocratic was the left threatening Electorates of the states Trump won in an effort to disenfranchise/suppress the voter's will- that is unamerican!

Swashbuckler, you censoring fool you; what kind of Orwellian thought control wouldn't you love.

Your screed is off the charts and your examples are extreme. No one is talking about child porn, only you. I'm referring to adults, those that are the age of consent.

Who cares what I want? I do; that's what the topic of this conversation about: my opinion.

As far as the rest of your rant, I will let your comments speak for themselves. Your stance is exactly what we DON"T need.

Obscenity is subjective and in the eye of the beholder. Who wants some holy-roller, bible-thumping religious zealot telling you/us what to look at? Not me. Plus, if they can decide what's pornographic, what's to stop them from deciding what else you can't see. This is a slippery slope.

Consent is a non-issue; when being filmed "actors" know it will be viewed by untold numbers of people. The only consent needed is that from the actors when the film is made. That's like saying Meryl Streep needs consent from all who watch her movies- ridiculous!

Anything can have positive and negative effects on society; who wants a board of censors deciding what we should see. Go to China, N. Korea, Iran, Saudi et. al. and see what censorship does to them.

I think it's bad business, period, when a business gets involved in politics, especially on an issue this controversial. I don't expect this to last very long.

Laws should be followed. If you don't think their right, change them. In the meantime, all cities should comply.

I guess making sense is not a requirement to being a liberal.

Sure. If a dude feels like a bitch and wants to dress up as one, be my guest; it's none of my business. If a girl feels like a swinging dick and wants to dress and act accordingly, so be it. But, they still need to use the bathroom that corresponds to what they were born with.

HighFalutin(2363) Clarified
1 point

Re: "instead, went to a secret dinner and meeting to agree that they would do anything to "make him fail" and to be a "one term President".

Was that the one where the had the "White man keeping Black man under their thumb" meeting, too?

Don't forget, the original birther was Hillary's camp which was based on Obama's Harvard bio. I'm just curious, when did Obama correct the error in his bio?

I'm sure many on the right didn't attend for various reasons, but there was no organized protest boycotting the inauguration by congressional members of the right. Remember, John Lewis started the verbal jousting and now wants to be a victim of Trump's response. Boo hoo, Baby.

The MSM is working overtime to make Vlad and Trump bossum bodies and you're taking it hook, line and sinker. You are a good minion.

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"It is better to be me than it is to be you, so deal with it."

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Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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