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RSS HighFalutin

Reward Points:2738
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So true and spot on.



The military is here to make us safe and secure, so nope, I'm all good.

HighFalutin(2738) Clarified
1 point

"If you performed a tasked outlawed by the laws of physics. Yes, go on..."

I stand corrected. Since there is no brain, it can't be placed on the edge of a razor. ha ha ha

If there were a brain to be placed, gravity would cause it to roll assuming it was round/oval and the surface was level.


She seems like a Hugo huggin', Fidel following fool, so why not? She's the perfect candidate.

HighFalutin(2738) Clarified
2 points

Those "parents" knew if they crossed the border they would have to give up their kids and voluntarily gave them up when doing so. They had a safe haven in Mexico and were offered refugee status, but decided to give up their kids to come to the US. Their claims of refugee status was no longer valid since they were no longer in their home country.

Actually, less than this. She's all about regulation, taking bribes via her foundation, hiding and deleting emails and lying habitually; none of which is economic friendly.

You kid-diddling, diaper-sniffing, tallywacking wankmeister; It wasn't communism, it was brute force and enslavement of labor on a continental level that gave the USSR a presence. They were a house of cards that ultimately fell apart. Their total GDP today is about 1.4 trillion and that's with 140 million population. Texas' is 1.7 trillion with about 30 million. I would say that's an indictment on the Soviet way. You can have communism and I'll take capitalism, and never the twain shall meet.

Ah, the Grammar Nazi strikes! Perhaps you should take your bratwurst, sit on it, rotate and repeat. Afterward, you can try out a Wienerschnitzel for variety.

You baloney-boppin', flatulent sniffing, scatological wonder; excuses are always made why communism doesn't work. How about communism doesn't work, period. Why doesn't communism work? Because people like to own stuff.

As far as your IQ, if I took your brain and placed on the edge of a razor, it would look like a BB rolling down an 8 lane highway.

PS - Clean up your room before your mommy comes home.

You pud-pounding perv who fantasizes about your mother spread eagle eagerly awaiting your entry, all you have to do is look at East and West Europe under Soviet domination and North and South Korea. The West was free and prosperous while the East was imprisoned and impoverished. Same for Korea. The South is free and prosperous and the North is a disaster of nightmarish proportions. But, being that your IQ barely rivals a buck of chum, you can't see that. This is why incest is outlawed!

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About Me

"It is better to be me than it is to be you, so deal with it."

Biographical Information
Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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