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RSS HighFalutin

Reward Points:2775
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My support is based on their stances on the issues, not their lifestyle choice. I'm conservative, so it's an absolute certainty I will not vote for him.

Good for thee, but not for me; classic liberalism. When Trump proposed sending all these illegals to sanctuary cities and states, the Liberal establishment in chorus chimed Trump is going to "dump" people in our state, but when they are sent elsewhere, it's called settlement of migrants. Why the difference?

Classic liberalism. They are always all for you bearing the burden, paying the price and being inconvenienced, but not them- classic, indeed.

You steaming bowl of monkey spunk, it is you who just conceded. Go lick your wounds and come back to fight another day.

So, Lenin was a benevolent ruler who was duly elected to represent the people? Too funny!

-1 points

Capitalism has killed more people than any ideology on earth.

No, totalitarianism and theocratic rule have.

The USSR was the fastest country that ever existed when it comes to going from a low status shit hole to a world superpower, and it did it with socialism.

The USSR rose through the enslavement of its people via totalitarian rule from a low-status shit hole to a superpower shit hole that is now defunct. I guess you forgot later.

You love capitalism because you inherited a vast sum of wealth without working for it.

No, Komrade, I got my piece of the pie by going out and getting it; it was not handed to me.

Furthermore, I leave you with the following:

"Silly poor people, money is for rich people."

Don't you forget it.

They don't want them in their backyards and schools and now, Pelosi is talking about new immigration reform. That speaks volumes to me. They are all for illegals being dumped in your neighborhoods, but not theirs.

HighFalutin(2775) Clarified
1 point

I'm not wrong at all. The Left is having conniptions over the prospect of these people being sent to their districts. They claim to love illegals and offer them sanctuary, so I can't understand their shock and dismay over Trump's willingness to accommodate them and send them their way.

YES! It's about time Trump n company got serious about the migration problem. The left is already up in arms about the idea. They don't really want these people any more than the right does, especially in THEIR backyards.

Trump should send them to Pelosi's, Schumer's and the other democrat's districts and neighborhoods and let them deal with it directly.

This is a capital idea!

What a warped view of the world you have. No system has created more wealth and raised the standard of living for more people than capitalism- NONE!

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Tied Positions: Good for thee, but not for me vs. Not in my backyard
Winning Position: Nope, We're All The Same
Winning Position: Yay, Rich People
Winning Position: I Believe My Lying Eyes
Winning Position: Nope A Dope
Winning Position: Liberal Faux-rage

About Me

"It is better to be me than it is to be you, so deal with it."

Biographical Information
Name: Ferd 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Libertarian
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic
Education: College Grad

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