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RSS Hitlersmom

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1 point

On top of this, Antrim has never once made the civil, rational argument he tells others to construct. Literally all he has done in this debate alone and many others like it is to post long-winded speeches congratulating himself and other scumbags while slandering and condescending to his opposition. Nothing he says is of any substance, he spends an hour prior to each post flipping through his thesaurus in an attempt to use big boy words and sound smarter and his only source of affirmation is his own alts and people like FromWithin and Bronto.

0 points

You of course are correct and have a brain... thank you

One of the few people here who have a brain according to the militant christian fundamentalist is an openly racist cunt.

Tell me, why is it everyone who goes around unironically saying the word "nigger" on this site such as Jody, Antrim and Outlaw are all right wing?

Just some food for thought.

0 points

If there is an active volcano underneath the antarctic ice causing the ice to melt, that doesn't change the well established fact that CO2 traps heat in the earth's atmosphere. The idea that global warming is a hoax is clearly something that benefits those who are invested in fossil fuels. If they can sell you on the idea that global warming is a hoax then there's far less of a reason to move to alternative energy sources and they get to make more money on fossil fuels. After all, do you think the oil barons and wealthy investors care about the environment or the technological advancement of the species more than they care about making as much profit as they can? As a right wing capitalist, you are perfectly capable of falling for any number of lies that the wealthy cook up to keep their wealth at the expense of the entire planet and the rest of the human species.

Hitlersmom(5) Clarified
1 point

bRONTO talks about self preservation even though he was the one that literally walked into a war and got his legs blown off just to fight for American economic imperialism.

1 point

bRONTO Looks like a cheese grated cottage dick cheese in a log cabin. He doesn't have nipples anymore because he used a cheese grater as a slip n' slide.

1 point

From now on we should just ignore Amarel in a similar way that we ignore Outlaw or FromWithin. Never bothering to really engage with them but just showing up to briefly piss on them occasionally. If you take the time to write a real argument they will simply regurgitate more fallacies and ignore 90% of what you say entirely.

2 points

He probably calls Marxism a religion because, after multiple trials and failures, compared to the successes of alternatives, one can only accept Marxism on faith alone.

The USSR was ahead of the USA in most areas throughout most of the cold war. It only failed because Capitalists from the inside overthrew it.

Your view of the capitalist outlook is narrow and based solely on your own bias.

No, Your view of the socialist outlook is narrow and based solely on your own bias. Capitalism is only one step above feudalism.

We don’t believe that things cannot get much much better. We believe that things will get much much better in the same way they have gotten to such heights as we currently enjoy.

Then why do you dedicate so much time to arguing that we should stick to the same system instead of changing it? Because you don't want things to get better, you just want things to stay the way they are because it's better for the ruling class. You know what that makes you? It makes you either a cuck or a tyrant.

That is to say expansion of economic freedom

Your IQ must be lower than my level of tolerance for stupidity. Your level of economic freedom depends on your economic class in capitalism. It's not exactly economic freedom if 99% of the people are working to profit 1% of them.

But that can only happen if we keep Marxism from dragging everyone back to the 19th century, as it does wherever it takes root.

Bah, what an odious leech you are. Capitalism is what is stopping us from having virtually unlimited renewable and clean energy for one thing. Keep in mind this is only one example. We had the technology 100 years ago thanks to genius socialist Nicola Tesla to provide the entire planet with electricity for free, but to this day we are relying primarily on fossil fuel and nuclear energy which are dangerous, relatively scarce and pollution inducing. Meanwhile we have hundreds of other options but all the big money is invested in holding humanity back for profit. Where do you think the lie that climate change is a hoax comes from? It's perpetuated because it helps protect the financial interests of those invested in primitive energy. Even though we have the technical capability to do much better we don't because profit is all the establishment cares about.

Fortunately for all of us, your ignorant economics are thoroughly known to be toxic.

It's widely believed that my economics are ignorant and toxic because that's what the establishment wants you to think.

But keep calling people such things as “bag of semen flavored ginger snaps“, so that it is apparent at the outset exactly how seriously you should be taken.

That doesn't say anything about how seriously I should be taken, it only demonstrates how seriously I take you.

0 points

Shut up poop stick .

1 point

Yes. Marxism is a false religion used to control its cult members with promises of unicorns and streams of slim fast chocolate.

Shut your ugly retarded mouth you alt-right bag of semen flavored ginger snaps. It really mis-aligns my underpants when you say such things. As a believer in a number of literal false religions, you have no bees wax calling a valid socio-economic theory one. You believe in a magic sky spirit that will whisk your soul away to paradise after you die, and you want to talk about unicorns and slim fast chocolate? Nobody with half a nerve fibre in their dick hole takes you seriously. Just a couple hundred years ago if you told someone about men landing on the moon or computers they would have called you a unicorn molesting utopian fairy. You are just a modern version of that who can't see that things can potentially be much better in terms of an economic system, as long as people like you don't ruin it. I'm going to go on a hiking trip with you so we can talk about how much of a fossilized brontosaurus cock you are. Pack your bags.

2 points

Me and Amarel went to the lake

I asked him why what he says is so fake

he said "tis' simple, my little snow flake"

"I'm a greedy lying zionist snake"

So I hooked on the bait and I casted my line

hoping to catch a fish that's divine

he opened a cold one and watched me, reclined

and I asked him "oh why must you be such a swine?"

he said "my dear boy, isn't it obvious?"

"I'm a corporate investor and wall street lobbyist"

"all that I do is for profit, my friend"

"fuck the environment and working class men"

A tug at my pole, finally a bite

I reeled in a quite lovely fish with delight

but despite the nice catch, I still didn't feel right

"oh, why must you be such a daft piece of shite?"

it was his turn, so I lent him my pole

"it's profit you see, that is my goal"

"I've invested in oil, I've invested in coal"

"I don't really care that I've lost my soul"

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