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4 points

Maybe according to a few anti-semites at the UN


Reporting on Israeli human rights abuses = Anti-Semitism.

Everything which involves criticism of the Israeli apartheid regime is anti-Semitism according to your fascist rhetoric. And then in your next breath you deny being Jewish.

Your lies simply betray you as an untrustworthy, dishonest little shit.

5 points

You admit in paragraph one that it's not the worst genocide.

What does that have to do with Israel having the worst human rights record in recorded history you fallacious little scumbag?

You are either lying there or lying here through deductive reasoning

I see. "Deductive reasoning" presumably being your attempt to conflate a single genocide with a total record of abuses stretching over many years.

Bronto, literally everything you say is false, stupid, and dishonest. You are a retarded Zionist troll who couldn't sleep straight in bed on account of being too crooked.

Fuck off you horrible little man.

1 point

Also, while I'm here:-

To suggest guns are part of the solution is ridiculous. Gunshot wounds are at least twice as lethal as knife injuries and more difficult to repair.

Professor Brohi (Lead Trauma Surgeon, Royal Hospital of London)

0 points

I doubt people have any interest in where you got your antisemitism towards Excon from.

ExCon objectively is not Jewish. It is not anti-Semitism to point out when someone is using a fake test to convince other people he is Jewish. But nice try, troll. Hasbara is on the phone. They said you failed.

You hate Jews because

If I hate Jews then how do you explain my love for Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky? Your disgusting smear attacks which are based on nothing except your own paranoid fantasies indicate very clearly which of us is the Nazi.

0 points

First of all, knives are used extremely frequently in muggings, street attacks, etc.

Bullshit. You're literally making up your own version of reality. In 2017, knives were used in 23,000 robberies in the US, compared to 119,000 guns used in the same capacity. Hence, by saturating America in guns, you don't stop knife robberies: you CREATE gun robberies.

How is it possible that you could be dense enough to miss this?

Everything you write is incredibly stupid and contrary to the most fundamental principles of reason.

Second, knives are the most lethal weapon inside of a 10-15 ft (or even 20+ft.) range.

More bullshit. Knives aren't 15 feet long. That's a big fucking knife mate. If you are 15 feet away from your target then OBVIOUSLY a pistol is more lethal, because it is a RANGED weapon and you are standing AT RANGE. You see how that works, imbecile?

Here, this is an elite Special Forces soldier discussing how lethal a solid knife in close range

A knife is extremely lethal if it is being used by a special forces soldier to kill you. Guns are however still considerably more lethal if they are used by the same special forces soldier to kill you.

Hence, your argument rests upon two fallacies

My argument rests upon zero fallacies you horrendous little liar. You are the one of us using fallacies, so your accusation is a flat-out joke.

You have no common sense and you should try to understand that it is because you're an idiot.

1 point

The guberment gives away tax payer dollars you Dumb ASS ??

The guberment gave away trillions of taxpayer dollars to the banks in 2008. Have you literally been living in a cave? Hiding from the Commies is it?

1 point

The Dummy NOM says guberment gives you money LMMFAO ! Well dummy where does the guberment get the money you uninformed Socialist ???????

I was parodying Bronto's argument you dumbass. I've been arguing that socialists tax people for the past two days. It is he who claimed "tax is the opposite of socialism", because I had him trapped into being forced to admit tax saved capitalism in 2008.

At least try to follow the thread if you're going to make comments, you big drooling dummy.

1 point

NOM you like the above link so read and get educated !!

Quiet Outlaw! Your hero and mentor is speaking!!

David Duke Praises Charlottesville
1 point

Why not to listen to Europe. They brought us the deadliest wars in world history

Hi Bronto.

Wouldn't Europe then be the best qualified to tell you when you're making a mess of things?

The fact of the matter is that you are a Nazi and you are intent on repeating European history.

1 point

Nom, if a hostile attacker pulls a knife on you

MathFan, only someone of your impossibly defective cerebral capacity would even contemplate using a knife as a weapon in a country where guns are legal. Why would anybody use a high risk close-quarters weapon when they could just pop you in the head from 30 yards away? That's stupid and you are ignoring common sense.

where you cannot escape

It is much easier to escape from a knife than from a bullet travelling faster than the speed of sound. Your total lack of common sense is beginning to irk me.

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