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RSS HootiesWank

Reward Points:34
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1 point

That is because you ate them.

1 point

I'm nom. And these are all of my puppets. I am proud of my socialist puppet army. I'm hootie too.

1 point

It meant Trump was new to Politics, did what was suggested at first, and got rid of anyone who proved over time to be a part of the problem once he fully understood Washington.

1 point

Firstly, that wasn't my "opponent's claim" you lying fucking toad. My "opponent" claimed that Catholics vote Democrat.

They do vote Democrat. That's what your link said too.

50% voted the Democratic candidate for Congress in their district, while 49% voted the GOP’s nominee

The word "most" did not feature anywhere in this claim.



determiner & pronoun


superlative of many, much.


greatest in amount or degree.

Secondly, you are not an "opponent". You are an idiotic fascist lowlife who repeatedly makes false statements and then logs into puppet accounts to give those false statements the illusion of being supported by other people.


It qualifies you as a moron.

Sticks and stones.

HootiesWank(34) Clarified
2 points

About 48 percent of state prison inmates surveyed said they got the gun they used from a family member, friend, gun store, pawn shop, flea market, or gun show.

48% isn't most. It's less than half, which means your opponent was objectively correct and you said bullshit. Do you even listen to yourself fool?

Also, "I got it from a family member or from a friend" in no way objectively means it is legal.

1 point

because I had him trapped into being forced to admit tax saved capitalism in 2008

Tax from capitalism isn't socialism.

It looked like you provided a link saying that in socialism there is no currency and were cornered because you cannot tax no money. As I read on, I'm starting to wonder if you are one of those people who crawls around on all fours & hisses at the ceiling.

0 points

Hey look. It's the guy who ran for President as a Democrat in 1988.

-2 points
1 point

If I hate Jews then how do you explain my love for Karl Marx and Noam Chomsky?

Having gay fetishes doesn't make you pro Jew.

1 point

Okay, let me dumb it way down for you retard boy. There are 400 million legal guns in the US. The number of actual guns is probably in the billions. You have no solution as for how to disarm the criminals and gangs. Me laying down my arms would be pure stupidity. If we were in a place with no guns, a no guns allowed law might work. But we are in a country where guns outnumber people possibly 3 or 4 to 1, and where nobody on any sides of the aisle want to disarm. It's like telling a soldier in World War 2 to lay down his weapons to make peace. Then the Nazis kill his ass. Explain which part of that flew right over your dumbass head.

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Tied Positions: don't want us 2 become Mexico vs. They know the problems well

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