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1 point

1. As far as I know marriage isn't for women to be whipped around and be told to make sandwiches, it is to spend the rest of your life with the one person (unless you're mormon) you love the most and to be officially united.

2. I agree.

3. I hate when people bring nationality and color into this. Sally Sue didn't choose to be white and she can't stop it without harming herself either. Todd James didn't choose to be black either. You people say "we can't choose who we love" but I disagree a bit. I don't think we were supposed to be falling in love with the same sex and if we do feel that attraction it is easy to stop it. This applies with any genders. We are born man or woman (minus a few genetic mutations), not both. There are two genders solely for the reason of reproduction, which is what intercourse was intended for. Not for enjoyment.

4. Again, why would you bring the amount of melanin in our skin (as our color is only an adaption of our surroundings) into a discussion about homosexuality?

5. Not all men are some raging savages and if a woman is stupid enough to marry a man like that then she may deserve that relationship. That isn't an excuse to "try something new" and fornicate with Mary Anne down the street.

1 point

Religion is a large part of many of our country's laws. If you live in America and don't like it then move. If you don't live in America respect his/her opinions. Not just religion goes into it. I find watching two homosexuals making out like a normal couple in a public place disturbing and sick. I know many probably feel the same about straight people but that's just my opinion. Plus, I think it would really confuse children to see something like that.

I'm against homosexuals and homosexual marriage but I believe such things are out of my hands and I shouldn't be violent or insulting with such things just because.

1 point

I am not against homosexuals at all but I think marriage should be reserved for man and woman. Many people I know agree they don't want their children to see two homosexuals holding hands and making out in the middle of the street so that their children think it is alright and (if religious) God intended that. Unless the marriage is not at a church and there's no religion involved I don't think it is right. I'm okay with them just signing papers though. I believe it does hurt people because as my first example said many straight parents don't want their children thinking such a thing is natural and it also strongly disturbs some people.

1 point

This is not supposed to be a funny question but I'm really curious...

When they're getting married do they both wear tuxedos or does one wear a dress? And do they not have Bridesmaids at all?

2 points

There is some good rap, mostly back when it first came out, but now it all sounds the same with all that auto-tune and the same verses and it's all about the same things. I feel a connection to metal and it usually isn't inappropriate as rap.

1 point

I believe sometimes the rebellion is necessary but for the most part if the teen isn't greatly hurting their self or someone else everything is okay. People say rebellion is a natural part of being a teenager but I've never been rebellious before, if anything my parents complain I'm too uptight and need to have friends and socialize.

2 points

I'm not taking a side but it is really hard for someone like you who is more of a mentally stable and stronger (in a sense) person to understand how sensitive some children are and how much it can affect them ( which is the side you chose anyway). There are some children who can't take it and commit suicide. When I was younger I cried almost everyday when I came home from school (in my teenage time) because of not only people pushing and physical violence, that didn't bother me much, but the way they thought of me and laughed as they walked pass me with their group of friends. I care deeply about peoples' opinions on me though I try to stop and pray I didn't but I do and even the slightest look of mockery would make me extremely uncomfortable. The words young children to nonchalantly spit out nowadays is disturbing and shocking. I blame the media, not exactly the parents as I believe children have the power to choose who they want to be and listen to.

The bully isn't always pulling something random out of nowhere, something it's true. For example when a bully bullies someone for being mentally disabled, their parents being alcoholics, homosexual, stupid, etc. it could be the truth and a sensitive topic for the victim. And if it is true you say they should do something about it well, as much as I somewhat agree, that is where the students coming to school with guns and killing more people than necessary comes in. Thanks for voting.

1 point

Unless it's a textbook you really don't learn much. Many people say "oh, children learn new words and stuff" but if the child already doesn't want to read I highly doubt they will look up any words they don't understand. School is a time for learning, the reason there are breaks are so children can take a break, not so they can fail an assignment for SCHOOL at HOME for not reading a book. Most children read fictional books anyway.

1 point

Yes, because fictional characters are far beyond just a smiley face on a piece of paper. They have personalities, appearances, and are purposefully better than real people. They don't have physical genetic flaws and they can't break your heart or deny you. Fanfictions and such sometimes include "OCs" and get the reader involved which simulates real life with this character. Just because they "aren't real" (which they are real to some people who have different concepts of real) doesn't mean you can't feel an attraction to them. It's like seeing a movie actor or actress on TV. You know you'll never be able to be with them or even meet them but that doesn't matter because you admire and love them so much. You dedicate a part of your life to them by checking news about them, their history, other movies they've done, etc. If a fictional character has a personality, events in their lives, family & friends, an appearance, a voice, a life, isn't that about the same as a real person? But they can't dump you or cheat on you after getting you pregnant... that was both the truth and a joke.

2 points

I have a lot... I'll just name one from each anime (not all though, that'd be a loooong list):

-Rin x Len - Vocaloid

-Sakura x Sakura - Naruto

-Misa x Mello - Death Note

-Yuki x Aido - Vampire Knight

-Amu x Ikuto - Shugo Chara

-Chihiro x Haku - Spirited Away

Winning Position: Our Children are too Sensitive

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