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RSS Improfane

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1 point

You would not need process per tab if the browser was more stable to begin with.

Opera never crashes, if it does it's because I have 300 tabs open and a Flash video has gone haywire.


Whenever my friend uses Chrome it comes up with a 'This website has encountered a problem'.

1 point

Just to throw this in here, I prefer Opera, it has the fastest engine and it's just less bloated than Firefox or Chrome in my opinion.

You also have the Speed Dial and mouse gestures, which are invaluable to me.

Otherwise, use Chrome instead of IE but Opera instead of Chrome.

1 point

I have not used Google Chrome but do not trust it. It's essentially as my friend put it, a giant keylogger for the advertising company to track what kind of sites you like. This is bad.

I use Opera.

1 point

Kids are not well developed enough to be critical thinkers or disagree politely.

Please only invite the clever students who aren't 'know-it-alls' to avoid a flurry of spam.

1 point

The value -1 is Atheism, 0 would be 'between' theism and atheism, which is agnostism (undecided, unsided) and 1 would the theism.

The arguments against this are inadequate if you remember what is 'between' the other.

1 point

Debating is fun but on an imperfect system, you get a lot of people who do not really know how to read. ;(

There are other people who think they're good at debating but lack any form of understanding for their opponent.

All misunderstandings are miss matching priorities and this means nobody will agree.

1 point

I didn't think of that. Unfortunately I have no mountains!

1 point

Have as much satisfaction as you can. There are few consequences. The internet will probably light up with people with reduced inhibitions. Things won't matter so much.

Streets will get dangerous. There will definitely be robberies. I'd want to arm myself gently, produce a pact with friends from varying areas of the country. Make a large gang. Travel together.

-1 points

The problem is that these exercises are completely artificial. Playing a first person shooter, a real time strategy or role playing game doesn't teach you resource management or time management outside of the game world.

I don't see what good effects games have. They do nothing but a time waste. Team play in a video game is completely different to teamwork in a job. In online play, people only do things that help themselves. Log onto XBox live or any multiplayer game. You will find tasks that most people do not like doing, like defending the flag and find that most people do what they want.

One thing I've noticed about gaming is that it is mostly about competition. If you listen to what people talk about on video games, it is usually hostile or secular. If anything, it is anti-social. Gamer typically think they're better than everybody else and the world are "noobs". It's inherently anti-social.

As anecdotal evidence, I know someone who will play a game until completion. He is absolutely skilled with video games. Me? I get tired and feel like I am wasting time. I want to move on and do something else, while loving video games. I know they do not engage my mind the way it should.

For me, I find games positive because they engage my creativity. I have programmed about two incomplete games in my life time. That was more productive than playing games because I learnt more than playing any game.

Games are designed to waste your time or make you keep playing it. That is why the MMORPG is so successive because they require subscription costs.

Games make people lazy, seek instant gratification, instill that repetitive (thoughtless) behaviour is what brings success, rudeness, hostility to those outside the game or new to it and competition.

With all this said, I really do love to play co-operative games with my friends the only benefit to games is immediate entertainment from influencing a game world and the inspiration it gives me for my own games.

Tied Positions: anonymity vs. porn has too manny popups and viruses

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Agnostic
Education: In College

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