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RSS Inc4t

Reward Points:43
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Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

Wow, that is one strong argument - you must really love it to say it gives you meaning in life!

1 point

I wanted to share my observation with others as I was moderating this debate on CreateDebate. I find it amusing that I have power to vote up and down any arguments made. I find it even more interesting that CreateDebate allows debate creater to ban users from his debate. I didn't realize about these features until I created this particulat debate, as this debate seems to be pretty popular. I would think that other poeple voting on debates here would find it really annoying, especially if they get banned for no good reason. I am thinking of Soup Nazi from Sienfield - "no soup for you" :)

I even see someone posted a debate about specific CreateDebate user always banning arguments.

I have no idea why CreateDebate would think this feature would be a good idea. The whole point is that it should be democratic, not some random guy (or gal) having full power to vote someone down or even ban without any rationale. Strange.

Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

And another point, I just looked at your evolution theory debate and replied to you there. I see that agsr replied to you as well. Not sure why that particular one was not too popular on DebateIsland, but I know that there are many other debates that get a lot more traction.

Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

So completely with you on the That was the exact point I argued on my debate - people don't want to wait so long. My opponent is trying to argue that both CreateDebate and DebateIsland are polling sites (not debate sites). I am confused by his argument.

Even this debate got so much more traction on both other sites.

I also agree that CreateDebate is more active than DebateIsland. Debate Island is much newer and has been growing fast, but it has not yet caught up to multi-year create debate audience. I have personally seen it grow so fast in participation in one month that I have been debating there, and at some point soon it will likely outgrow the other 2 sites.

My preference is still DebateIsland, as I prefer simplicity and elegance of its user interface and it works better on mobile for me. I think they also have better foul language filtering and moderation, as so far I have not seen offensive content. I prefer a clean debating experience without being insulted or offensive material.

I think CreateDebate is also a decent site and is my 2nd choice.

1 point

Thank you all who participated so far. Wanted to provide a checkpoint since I posted this debate on all 3 sites yesterday:

On - winning 5 to 3

On debateIsland - winning 10-0

On CreateDebate winning 28-4 Is CreateDebateorDebateIslandbetterthanDebateorgforonlinedebates

Please continue debating. Thanks.

Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

I tried reddit before and didn't previously consider reddit as a good option for debating. It's an experience that didn't work for me personally. I like to see a summary of the votes or some sort of score that summarizes discussions. All 3 debate sites listed here have that. My point about reddit it is more of a forum, since voting or polling is not integrated into actual discussions.

I did check out though some of the subreddits you included and the other user, and do agree that there is meangful discussion there with lots of topics. In some ways it is similar though to posting comments section in newspaper articles like washington post or ny times. Altgough reddit is Probably better. There is lots of discussion there too.

I am a fan of the debateIsland site and I started debating there about a month ago when I stumbled on that site. I was new to the debating sites world before that. I started joining the other debates sites around that same time to understand the experience. I am a fan of DebateIsland, but as I said I like CreateDebate as well as my 2nd choice.

1 point

I agree that both DebateIsland and CreateDebate are more relaxed than

Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

Mission statement and reality of execution as you pointed out don't always work out. Debaters are looking for the best overall debate exoerience, and that includes site features, community, and just-right level of moderation. The answer to that is imho is not I do see many of the elements of the original mission on this site though, as well as the other 2 sites.

Inc4t(43) Clarified
1 point

I checked the site you mentioned and it seems to have very little activity compared to the 3 sites reviewed here. I personally cannot see How it is a contender, especially given overwhelming support For other options. But, thank you for pointing out another option to debate. I think other users pointed our reddit as another alternative they use to debate as well. There seems to be a long tail out there for what can be used.

1 point

There is now an active debate, re best online debate site, and is getting lots of support. People pretty much agree that is the worst. Is CreateDebateorDebateIslandbetterthanDebateorgforonlinedebates

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Winning Position: CreateDebate or DebateIsland.c

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