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RSS Inkeddreams

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1 point

Kirstie, Fact is Kids are cruel. If its not gay then they are cruel bout those who are tall, fat, thin, short, have curly hair, don't have the latest clothes. Point is kids are always going to find something to pick about. I was picked on because I was adopted and my parents weren't my "real" parents so I must have had something wrong with me. Then when they got tired of that it was my weight, then my height, then who I dated. Having gay parents isn't going to change anything for a kid being teased by children raised by close minded parents.

4 points

OH good grief How close minded can one nutter be? Someone that chooses to be gay does it on their own one way or the other. Its not your business who someone finds attractive or falls in love with.

2 points

If we live in a land where we have freedom of and from religion, politicians should keep their religious views out of the government. We live in a land of many different beliefs and one persons beliefs no more important than any others. I can police my own morals thank you and do not need any politician (religious or otherwise) to decide my morals for me.

0 points

Jake You have no idea what you are talking about. I know plenty of gay people who had no one gay in their lives growing up. In fact all of the gay people I know had straight parents and were scared to "come out". Try again.

4 points

Jake So how does it hurt you personally? What you have said is a moral thing...not an actual hurt. I know plenty of people that have grow up with out a parent and it didn't hurt them a bit. Some on...try again but lets hear how it hurts on a personal level without the moral issue.

3 points

What I love is we have 4 people saying it hurts them but all 4 don't have the guts to say how. Come on. If it hurts you personally.. HOW? Have some testicular fortitude and explain your pain.

1 point

The original post was being smart but I could understand what the line said. Personally I say live and let live. If you have a problem with spelling when you read something, click the back button and move to another post. Its that simple. We have enough problems with the morality police without having to live with the spelling police too.

2 points

We live in a nation of various religious beliefs. While I may not care for someones choice it isnt up to me to decide for others. Too many people get up on their high horse and forget about others. It doesnt matter if I like your religion or if you like mine. All that matters is that if you believe in something you dont try to force it down peoples throats.

1 point

We have too many morality police out there imposing their belief system on people whether they like it or not. If we wanted to live in a country where we wanted to be told what we have to believe in we could rename our country china or become a part of the middle east. This is America and in it we are supposed to have freedom of or from religion.

35 points

While a person may not agree with it morally, Gay marriage does nothing that physicly hurts anyone. Opponents of this, are forgetting that there is a separation of church and state. Its time to quit policing peoples morals and learn that two concenting adults should be able to have the same rights as anyone else. Its called America folks...Remember "The Land of the Free"?

Winning Position: Doesnt hurt anyone

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