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JTrudeau(7) Clarified
1 point

This isn't really in either side though, it is almost arguing both sides

1 point

I agree. Everyone has their own interpretation of philosophy and theology, it is a very gray area. Science on the other hand is very black and white, which is a good thing in my opinion, because if it weren't for the clarity of science, scientists would put unfair biases on discoveries that may not have enough evidence to back it up. However, it is true that nothing in science is definite. Everything is an estimation backed up by evidence, but that is not saying that the theory is definitely correct, or incorrect. Also, the biosphere is always changing, and that is where science is subdivided into different categories, in which different people study different things. Also, it depends on what someone's definition of morality is. If their definition of morality is "do good", then of course they can co-exist. If their definition is religion, then even then they can co-exist, because they compliment each other. Take the Bible, in the beginning, it is discussed how everything developed (evolution) from the sea. This actually is backed up by a scientific perspective, where the first cells were created by the bonding of amino acids. One of the rules of cells is that they can not just form, they have to come from other cells, and again for most things, there is no definite definition, or definite theory that can stand alone without biblical and other religion's values and what they believe is right. Now if our definition of morality is Medieval thinking like the dark ages, then no. They can not co-exist because in this instance, they did not compliment each other, they defied each other, because they believe that the only option was the Bible, and everything else was heresy.

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