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RSS JacksonM

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1 point

I know you deny all your gibberish because you’re a compulsive liar Prove it. I still don't see the quote. I'm staring really hard at my screen and I don't see it.

That’s still you Prove it

More lies Prove it

American education how wonderful Ummmm this is relevant how? I know where the Vatican is and therefore you criticize the American education system because that is somehow relevant to the argument??? By the way, you're supporting the view that the witch hunt caught witches, which was a view supported by Catholics so

Incorrect , you liar ...... Prove it

BTW are you a fat person ? Nope. Funny story - I'm actually underweight, so maybe you want to take back the "fat fuck" comment?

Advanced 😂😂😂😂😂 Surely you mean special needs ? Nope. I can send you my class schedule if you want - it has IBMYP classes on it, which, if you Google it, is the International Baccalaureate, which is advanced

Yeah it’s just I don’t get fat peoples sarcasm What about people who aren't fat useless fucks like me? (Fun fact - not every person on the internet is a terrible person. There are actually some pretty cool people if you try to, like, actually be polite and have basic human decency)

1 point

when Meyers dies it you suck him off I think you meant to say "when Meyers does it" and I'm actually straight, but maybe try not to be a homophobe

you peado Prove it.

What a brain dead dummy you are ..... Jesus died and rose from the dead according to your Christian faith You're the brain-dead dummy because he wasn't a corpse

I know you’re American but that’s stupidity at a different level Yes a living person rose from the dead, because he came back to life. You're the one who's at a mind-blowing level of stupidity

You mean Evolution Yes... the Darwinian theory of evolution... that's what I said

But you said cosmic evolution was bullshit !!! No, I didn't. I said it sounded like bullshit, because I was too lazy to google the crap you were pulling from nowhere, but now that I have, it looks like I've exposed you as a liar yet again wow surprise.

Why, you’re a Meyers butt boy 1. No I'm not - I'm straight and you're a disgusting homophobe 2. That doesn't matter to the debate

When you quit the insults I may do likewise You started it

Yes you set the whole scenario going Typo - I meant to say "I'm not immaturely throwing rapid-fire curse words like you are"

The worlds top scientists would not understand what exactly ? I'm talking about all the world's scientists. And I just told you - "evidence from outside their fields of study"

Physical cosmology is studied by scientists such as Astronomers,Physicists and Philosophers making you wrong yet again , what you are referring to is pseudoscience as in religor mythological cosmology which is bullshit religor is not a word

Name one piece of concrete “evidence “ bet you cannot ? ok yes I can - DNA contains information that codes for the traits of all living beings, like the "language" of a cell. DNA is often compared to computer code, or to an instruction manual, both of which are designed by intelligent agents. How do you produce information like in DNA without someone or something intelligent to write the code? If you find a book somewhere on the street, you don't say "oh this must have come from random processes," but instead you assume it was written by a person.

Hmmmm I don’t believe you Why not?

Bible study no doubt , when you get a masters degree or two in Europe you might be up there ,as of now you have nothing except your American mouth Like I said - it's a public school so actually there's a lot of doubt lol. Just curious - how many degrees do you have? How advanced was your high school education? Did you even get one?

What are you on about I just told you - I'm on about you attacking an entire third of the world's religious beliefs, which - quite frankly - isn't exactly the best idea. Also, neither is implying that all 300 million Americans are liars (or whatever it is you're trying to say)

Physical cosmology is studied by scientists such as Astronomers,Physicists and Philosophers making you wrong yet again , what you are referring to is pseudoscience as in religor mythological cosmology which is bullshit Ok fine I meant like astronomy - the actual study of planets and their orbits and deep space and stuff - to clarify, I'm talking about what they do at NASA

You sent me the link you idiot that’s 8 times I’ve told you this prove that Meyer called it peer-reviewed

It’s necessary as you’re American “Christian “so it may take a while to sink in I actually understood the concept when I first googled it, thanks

You’ve provided none yet Okay I'll tell you again (heavy sigh) - if God created the universe and all the laws within the universe, he would not be controlled by those laws or space-time dimensions, and wouldn't necessarily exist within the universe that he created, which is NOT special pleading, because I explained the exception.

I'm asking you to explain why my explanation of the exception is unjustified.

1 point

Is this the agreeing side or what? I don't understand... which side is which? I agree with the statement, so which side should I be posting on?

(also by the way, you're supposed to post questions, not statements. see the rules)

1 point

I already did dummy Actually, I don't see the quote anywhere so stop being a liar

You have that the wrong way round you dummy , American Bible Belt nut jobs like you are the laughing stock of Europe .... bet you’re a fat fuck as well I don't live in the Bible Belt, and I know a lot of Catholic Europeans - in fact, where do you think the Vatican is? OH YEAH - EUROPE!

That’s why I corrected you and your 👈 buddy on your incomprehension at the difference..... You used "your" when you should have used "you're" and I corrected you - liar

Sure did , but hey you yanks go to bible schools don’t yous ? Nope - I attend an advanced program at a nonreligious public school.

Something else you need to work on dummy actually you're the one who misinterpreted the sarcasm so

1 point

You said it was bullshit I said it sounded like your kind of bullshit

you agree he’s a bullshitter Nope

It certainly did when you thought I said it you hypocrite What are you babbling about you idiot liar?

I couldn’t give a fuck about Stephen Hawkings , what a stupid lazy reply I was using an example that applies to the situation, because Stephen Hawking is crazy smart, and definitely not a bullshitter.

He fits the criteria A zombie is specifically defined as "a corpse who is said to be revived from the dead," and Jesus does not fit the criteria, because a corpse is a "dead body, especially human," and Jesus wasn't dead because dead is defined as "no longer alive," and, under my hypothesis, Jesus was alive when he rose from the dead.

You know Zombies don’t exist ? Yup

Yes he didn’t rise from the dead Prove it

Who does that ? Fictional zombies

You did actually Nope, I brought up Darwinism. And, you know what, I decided to actually pull facts to combat your bullshit, and Darwinism is "the theory of evolution advanced by Charles Darwin" and cosmic evolution is "the study of the many varied changes in the assembly and composition of energy, matter and life in the thinning and cooling universe" you pathological liar!

How embarrassing for you and Meyers you obviously didn’t read how that panned out for Meyers did you ? Why don't you present evidence instead of making me investigate it myself?

You sent me the link to his “piece” you fucking idiot the other day and fled when I pointed out your error 1. Could we maybe possibly stop with the profanity? 2. I accidentally sent you a broken link. It was a mistake 3. When you pointed it out, I admitted that maybe I messed up (since I can't visit the link myself - my computer blocks it)

Stop behaving like a child then I mean... I'm legally a child, soo....... And I'm immaturely throwing curse words rapid-fire like you are

What are you on about ? I'm on about you attacking an entire third of the world's religious beliefs, which - quite frankly - isn't exactly the best idea. Also, neither is implying that all 300 million Americans are liars (or whatever it is you're trying to say)

Here’s the lies I'm not lying - that's NOT what I said. I DID NOT say that I was talking about denying the creationist movement. What I ACTUALLY said was (get ready for facts here) that scientists probably haven't looked into - or maybe even can't understand -

evidence from outside their fields of study. I'm not calling scientists stupid, I'm just saying there's no reason that a physicist would understand the arguments present in cosmology.

But you abuse children Hmmmm let's see..... I've never abused a child and - like I said - I denounce what the priests did.

That rules you out Actually, I'm in an advanced international program at my school, so I think I'm getting higher education than you ever will.

What’s your question When did Meyer ever print anything and call it "peer reviewed," like you said he did?

You didn’t justify it you clown Instead of calling me names and tossing around pointless insults and profanity, how about you actually provide an argument against my justification of the exception?

Special pleading is a form of fallacious argument that involves an attempt to cite something as an exception to a generally accepted rule, principle, etc. without justifying the exception. Yes I know. Please stop repeating the same thing over and over and please start actually providing an argument that counters the one I provided.

1 point

You certainly did Prove it

Ummmmm yeah I'm being sarcastic you stupid

It’s cool your an American Christian so you would deny it either way You're a typical dumbass European atheist, and don't even know the difference between "your" and "you're"... did you even go to a single day of school? Ever?

There ya go typical American Christian lol

Ummmmm yeah Sarcasm

1 point

I bet you can't prove that they weren't doing it.

You can't go into an argument making up facts and assumptions

1 point

You have not shown your claim to be right nor reasonable , so it remains ..... special pleading Well I'm working on the "right" part, but you won't let me go anywhere with my argument because you're being stubborn, and I did show it to be reasonable, but you haven't explained why my exception doesn't work.

If God created the universe, then he would be exempt from the laws of physics BECAUSE HE CREATED THEM

There I just showed my argument to be reasonable.

Now, if you're going to call that "special pleading," tell me WHY you're not accepting my explanation of the exception

1 point

I’m amused at your childishness , so I guess you’re still in a rage I amused that you think you're affecting me at all, so I guess I'm not.

an American loudmouth like you wait.... I'm the egotistical loudmouth?? Mind. Blown. I did not see that coming lol you're funny

You don’t even know what you type now you idiot Yes, I do. I only ask you to send a quote to prove that you're a terrible liar because I didn't say that.

Sarcasm is also way over your thick American skull Oh, you were sarcastic? Well excuse me for missing it. Sure, I bet you were using sarcasm. Uh-huh. Riiiiiiight.

1 point

Oh dear soma typo sets you off into a rage , why not get the spelling police I'm not in a rage, and you're the one who got pissed when I corrected you.

You used retarted instead of retarded and used pretense instead of pretence ...... I can give you several more but I think you get the point or maybe not I sent you a screenshot to prove that when I Googled "pretence" it didn't come up because I'm American and we spell shit different - big deal.

You just admitted otherwise When did I admit otherwise? Send me a quote of when I admitted otherwise.

Just did No you didn't

So you lie to cover a lie ...... Not lying.


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About Me

"I'm Catholic but I'm only interested in debating science because they support that God exists :)"

Biographical Information
Name: Jackson CM
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Postal Code: 23451

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