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I just want to clarify something: I am a christian. I do believe in God, but I am also open minded to new things. I believe religion and science can co-exist. Perhaps aliens are demons, perhaps they aren't. We just don't know.

Perhaps, before the development of nuclear weapons, aliens had no real interest in the Earth. It's quite possible Earth isn't a unique place, since the probability of life on other planets is quite high. This would make it considerably likely that there is nothing that aliens would really find interesting about us, if they know of many other planets like our own. But I truly believe that is no longer the case.

Since I support the nuclear reasoning as an explanation for this topic, I will trace back to 1945 when the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings took place. They were the first nuclear weapons ever used on Earth, and triggered a new age of warfare. The news of the bombings shook the world…but did they attract the attention of those outside of Earth?

My evidence suggests yes. Research the history of UFO sightings, and you will notice most major sightings happened soon after World War 2. In fact, the Rosewell Incident (a famous UFO case) happened in mid 1947, about a year after WWII officially ended. Then, in the same year, what is known as the Kenneth Arnold UFO sighting, shocked all who heard of it. A pilot, with the name of Kenneth Arnold, spotted nine UFOs flying past Mount Rainier at unimaginable speeds (1932kmph). Keep in mind, these were only some of the most well known, but definitely not only, UFO sightings that took place near the concluding of the Second World War.

Also, most of the close-up UFO sightings actually take place near Nuclear Facilities, which helps to identify the reason for why aliens would want to visit us. Recounts from the Cold War stated that every time a missile was sent out, it was quickly destroyed or disabled, or the weapon systems would be turned off completely. This is why some believe that aliens were the reason that no nuclear weapons were used during the Cold War. This is actually quite plausible, when you think about it.

There are so many UFO incidents that I could describe that have been identified at nuclear facilities in the past, but I do not have time to describe them. All it takes is a google search to see what I mean.

Now, if there is so many extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, why is it that governments, NASA and the global elite tell us that it isn’t true? Against the overwhelming evidence of UFO’s, I am quite confident that this is all a set of fabricated lies. And they wouldn’t just be lies that are made for the fun of it. A common reason to keep information from the public is the threat of mass panic. The discovery of aliens would collapse the religious society, and many would feel threatened, knowing that aliens visit Earth.

But why would the aliens be interested in us? Why would aliens want to try to stop nuclear warfare? At the most basic level, it might just be because they care. Assuming they share human emotions, perhaps they just want our species to survive. Maybe they want us to overcome our destructive ways. Maybe they experienced a situation in their own history that resembles nuclear warfare, and they are trying to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. It is not far fetched to imagine that help would just come from the goodness in their hearts…if they have any. (In literal terms)

Think about this: imagine you are an ant. Just an ant. A powerless, tiny ant. But this ant can think, and comprehend the world, yet, it is still quite stupid, when compared with the great, seemingly unreachable intelligence of the humans that find pleasure in killing other ants like you. It wouldn’t be that great, since there wouldn’t be much you would be able to do that wouldn’t be outmatched entirely by these humans. How would it feel to be so… powerless, to have such low control over your ability to survive?

That would be shockingly similar to what it would be like to be compared to a super intelligent machine. If artificial intelligence somehow reached the technological singularity, we would be dealing with a computerised mind billions of times more sophisticated than all of the human race collectively. The power held by something this powerful is hard to imagine, but it would be similar to the power that humans hold over the Earth and its non-human inhabitants. You could even go as far to say that that isn’t even comparable to what a super intelligent AI would be able to do.

But what are the consequences of this unimaginable power? The most obvious, is that anything with this kind of power has the ability to wipe out the human race, or all life on Earth, if the need arises. And it’s not that it will be because the Artificial Intelligence is plain ‘evil’, but because it would find an humans an inconvenience, or even a threat to it’s existence. To solve a problem, it might just decide to get rid of us completely. To be honest, I wouldn’t exactly be sure that having humanity on this precious planet is a positive thing.

We would lose control of our lives. If a super intelligent AI made the destruction of humanity it’s goal, then our lives would be a constant fight for survival. No, this is not an opinion based off the Terminator series. This is a real possibility, and the technological singularity is rapidly approaching. There is no way we would be able to place restrictions on something so intelligent that all of humanity wouldn’t compare, since it would be able to outsmart every single attempt we would make. It would just be unrealistic to think that something super intelligent would actually be containable.

So, would we really want to endanger humanity, or even the Earth, just because we don’t want to restrict the development of artificial intelligence. We need to put a halt to the artificial intelligence development, before it is too late.

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