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RSS Jacobcoolguy

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I don't know, maybe this is a good thing. Japan is overpopulated as it is, a decrease in population will hurt the economy in some ways, since there are more old people than young people, but also free up younger people to do what they want. Not all women want to have children to take care of. Japan is doing a lot of things right! For example, they are very anti immigration and don't let Muslims into the country. They'll be alright, so long as the trend isn't permanent.

-1 points

Everyone who disagrees with me is the same troll!

I thought it was interesting, but it's fan base is pure cancer.

The deficit is too high as it is, there is no room for tax cuts.

Whoppers seem to take longer to eat, which is good since you enjoy it longer, and they seem more filling than a big mac. While the big mac is delicious, I've always felt the whopper to be the more authentic burger.

No, it never happens. Even when women hit men, men are to blame for making them unhappy and creating an environment of violence.

No, he was a draft dodger and a hypocrite. His father was a rich land owner and Billy boy had it good growing up. When WWII came around he switched colleges and claimed he was to ill to join the army. He later did join the army as a state side Chaplin in 1944, but claimed to be sick again when his unit was going to be sent to Europe. After the war he grew in popularity as a televangelist and he tried to use his power to influence military action in the US government. Truman didn't like Graham, but later presidents did. Notable president Nixon, who graham wrote a letter to urging him to bomb Northern Vietnamese dikes to win the war against the communists, who graham viewed as the greatest threat to Christianity. Bombing these dikes would of destroyed the North's economy, but also would of killed hundreds of thousands of civilians, which would be a war crime. So draft dodging Billy was the biggest war hawk of them all.

Also, in the 1960s, Graham said America was worse than Sodom and gomorrah. I'm looking forward to his death. 2007/11/14/the-prince-of-w/

lol everyone posted twice!

I think you do care, otherwise you wouldn't of made this debate. Way to feed the trolls, bro.

I think you do care, otherwise you wouldn't of made this debate. Way to feed the trolls, bro.

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Tied Positions: No vs. Yes
Tied Positions: Whopper vs. Big Mac
Winning Position: What does CreateDebate think of Paul Ryan?
Winning Position: Yes he did
Winning Position: .45 ACP

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