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RSS JadeNicks00

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2 points

Exactly, there's no better way to say it. I think we can get along good.

1 point

So what if they ask us "why are you so kind?" or "how come you re always helping people" or "wanna come to a party, we're bringing Alcohol" should we lie? because my answer would be "It's what god wants me to do"

Don't you swear on the bible in court? Religion is already in state. sorry. And its not good manners for someone to be who they re not.

1 point

Ill admit there are people who say their christen but go against everything in that religion, but there are some really heavy believers out there. And if you take away their right to believe, Well you'll have some problems.

2 points

Exactly, No one will stop me from believing where ever I want.

1 point

Good christens don't tell people what to believe. They only share their own religion. That's not forcing.

1 point

The people before us came to America so they could have a freedom to practice their own religion. What's changed? Why are we persecuted and picked out just because our religion? If you think its so bad that we have a religion why don't you find everyone with a religion and punish them. That's basically what you re doing. your destroying peoples faith and ruining peoples lives. Just stop! Its nun of your business what people believe and they can do so where ever they like. that's like saying "I love you daughter, but outside this house I cant express that love. I wont love you outside this house." Its the same thing as " I love you god, but outside this house you are nothing to me." And I know some people aren't christens. so ill put it this way, "You can not believe in god all you want in your house, but when your outside you have to go against your believe and pretend to love god" Its the same thing anyway you put it. we should have the right to believe anyone we want. Its our lives not theirs, no matter where I go I will always put my religion first. Bf ore friends, family, and state. Sorry, its who I am.

1 point

No sadly. when I was little I was so happy I lived because I saw all the good things we have. Now tho I see the bad to. there are so many things that went wrong with this country. Like separation of religion and state. Or how we enslaved people. Or how we're getting rid of a flag from our history. the people who built this nation wanted to build it off freedom to choose. To be independent. You cant even say your opinion any more, Freedom of speech? Please, we hardly have freedom of thought. I'm not proud of what my country has become. I'm not proud of what it was either. All in all, America will fall like every other nation in history. I wont fall with it and make the same mistakes it does.

About Me

"I'm very opinionated and very out spoken. I am very kind and hate to loose!"

Biographical Information
Name: Jade Nicks
Gender: Female
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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