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RSS Jamador88

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1 point

There are a list of things that you have never seen, touched, or felt that I'm sure you believe in. I'm assuming that you put your trust in evidence and only evidence alone?

1 point

Appreciate the debate, honestly. Have a great rest of week!

1 point

Lol wow! never said i was better than you. I don't even know and if I did, i still wouldn't make the type of judgement.

1 point

Perfect example of over interpreting the bible when it's actually so simple. I'm assuming you hold no morality?

1 point

Well as stated earlier, science wouldn't be able to pertain to such occurrences since science only observes what is natural.

3 points

whats your ethnicity? .

3 points

Do you believe in the supernatural? Or in any form of supernatural occurrences?

Jamador88(125) Clarified
1 point

What misinformation am I spreading?

You mentioned several assumption based off of personal opinion and interpretation as well, did you not? There are scientist and researches who try and study such odd occurrences as a career that can't even explain what's happening, but yet YOU can?

I've heard a lot of people say "Well why believe in God over science? I mean you can't prove that he exists, you cant see him. In fact, why serve a God that let's bad things happen. Why is there stillborns?? Why is there unforeseen and unexplainable deaths??? Why did God let this happen to me". Little do they know, they too are putting their faith in something. Rather it be rationalism, which is a belief that is based on reason or knowledge. Or even a faith in science. Moreover, f you think about it Science honestly does EXPLAIN a lot of things and will continue to explain more and new things. However science, like reason does not have an ANSWER to EVERYTHING. In fact, science actually raises more unanswered questions. Scientist as well as rationalist will admit they don't know everything. So at the end of the day, it's a contradiction for them to say "why believe in a something that can't doesn't have evidence". My response is this: evidence or not people will still have a choice to make. Jesus was here on this earth (historical scholars can admit there was a man named Jesus) and yet people still didn't believe in him. In fact, they wanted to kill him! It really goes to show that even when providing such evidence, people will doubt. People will always doubt. At the end of the day I choose to believe even when I don't know everything, no one does. Even when I don't know why God did what he did, or why God is doing what he's doing; I know WHO I'm putting my faith in and not WHAT. My confidence isn't in some proposition or reason, it's in God. He says he will take care of the birds in the air, how much more will he take care of me. I'm not saying science is irrelevant bc it's VERY RELEVANT and imperative, but I will not live a life trying to understand every little thing because the fact is, I won't! I never will!

1 point

There are several prophecies that have been fulfilled as well as signs of the end days that the bible mentions. For instance:

War among countries


Weather (you can even agree that there have been some record setting catastrophes in a small time frame)

The red moon

Prophets that described what looked like huge locusts flying in the air ready for war (helicopters)

The most rebellious generation

Animals mysteriously dying by the thousands at a time

Bible talks about corrupted minds in terms of people twisting the truth.....

I think all of this is crazy in that the bible was written so long ago and yet still relates to our time so precisely.

I think it's good thing that I would make a piss poor devil while you on the other would seem to do just fine. thumbs up You completely went off on your own hypothetical assertion. Before you do that, can you agree that based off of my assertion, you would fit perfectly in what the devil scheme is all about? yes or no

2 points

Parenting- Children only see what there parents do and how they talk. Yes, there are traits that will be passed down, but overall a child particularly from ages 1-4 will only imitate what they see and hear. What baffles me is how toddlers will cuss and parents will think its funny. It's completely absurd.

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