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RSS JatinNagpal

Reward Points:2663
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10 most recent arguments.

Yes, nothing seems to prohibit you from doing so.

They can certainly be good friends. I wouldn't mind it much to be good friends with my ex, unless, of course, the issues leading to the breakup don't allow for even friendship.

Yes, if Saint was less of a coward, he could have been more rational.

Jeff, on the other hand, lacks even the notions of pride and honour (as can be seen by him being oblivious to my replies to his related questions in this debate and the referenced conversation(s) therein). Though I don't know about him saying that, it isn't unlike of him to do so. If that means anything, he's also really insecure about himself.

I don't pity him, though - he lacks sufficient honour that I might find him worth it. Even stain is worthier for pity.

the paranoia of a jealous confused teenage indian

I never said I'd be truthful about myself to you, but quite the opposite, remember? (Ah, your style is as repulsive as ever.)

For all you know, I could be your neighbour, if you aren't living in an asylum already (asylums in Ghana are, after all, nothing to be proud of). I'm much better at putting up any act than you can hope to be.

So, any of those descriptors means nothing - you're just pecking on whatever I give you.

JatinNagpal(2663) Clarified
1 point

It's funny that intelligence does not permit you to think any broader so you result to savage , savage, savage.......

I wonder... how much more do you want to be insulted? Unlike a disgraceful baboon as you, I don't consider insults and such things as important parts of my claims.

ohw....i've had seven cups of that already for breakfast.

Oh, so being called savage even by your peers is a very normal affair for you. I knew you were an exceptional idiot, even for the continent you said 'belongs to savages'.

lol. of course not. Your idol will be surrouded by maggots and vultures at the dump site.

Even that's better than you praying to it.

where's your daddy and mummy?

Nowhere that it should matter to you.

lol. you the spreading your paranoia all over CD. Religion, Intelligence, etc. Ow...little cry baby

As I said, what you want to think about me and how you want to judge me means little. What is the most insulting to me is that you think your such arguments and judgements can count as anything against what I say, but since you're too savage to understand that, I can overlook it as it'd be unreasonable for me to feel insulted.

I choose not to address the details of your useless talks.

Cry all you want, you can't do that even if you want to. I had already said that to begin with, but you... as always, were just a savage little chimp.

i will pluck a mango name it jatin nagpal the god of hullaballoons

I don't really want to be prayed to by you chimps. Otherwise, instead of a list of safe religions, I'd prefer it to end with me as your new God.

You're just a hullaballoon seeking special attention.

It'd be dishonourable that I interfere with chimps forming judgements about me. I'd still recommend that you don't use it as major parts of your claims, even though I know that it would mean little to a savage.

JatinNagpal(2663) Clarified
1 point

By the way, how many languages do you speak? I can not help noticing your fluency in English (even though Indian is based much more on British). Though I know a few languages, I don't like either of the major ones (English and Hindi) because they lack sufficient semantics and phonology to have been popular enough, and throughout their development were not fit for such purposes. I'd rather prefer that Sanskrit and Latin were the popular ones in their place.

I'd be annoyed and worried about things, because whoever it is has managed to know too much about me in the process (and I think I know almost exactly how much that means) and played such an annoying thing on me (and I'd have to determine whether it's a friendly joke or something worth concern). It'd also depend on whether I'm at my permanent residence or somewhere else.

If it's the real stain, however, it won't be much of a problem. There'll be a problem only if it's a zombie fanatic who feels insulted without even a bit of self esteem, for they simply can't be negotiated/reasoned with.

I'll still be pleasantly surprised at the piece of engineering, though, and know that it was popularly noticed on its way.

Not really toying... I have enough evidence to conclude that he's the same as stain. Stain is probably too scared of me, and the discomfort is leaking from his other account(s) as well... he's a terrible actor. Just to confirm, I sent a message to From saying that I kinda like him as he's very detailed and a major poster of debates when stain was stubborn on not reading anything I say. That, apparently, went ignored. Both are showing too similar patterns of discomfort against me, even though I had little correspondence with maggot during that time (he's prebanned me and all).

It probably couldn't get more overwhelming as evidence. He's gone too far to prevent being toyed with.

Why don't you go down to some abortion clinics and watch them kill viable babies, because this is what you support.

Why don't you kill yourself to meet your god, because that is what you believe.

Ah, stain, you can create any number of accounts - the way you are an idiot and can't help feeling uncomfortable against me is decisive in spotting you. I see that you're at it again.

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"Bring me your masters if you are too worthless to think."

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