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RSS Jazzy_Banana

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The federal government does not give states the money to build schools. The money gained from the taxation of the states is very little and makes it hard for the states to supply the people with necessary wants such as education. The anti-federalists do not want to cut the taxes so people get more money, the anti-federalists want taxation to happen in the states so each state can be funded. The premise of a republic and a democracy is to provide to the people's needs to a limit. If the people did not think for themselves, then the government will take over and the people would be subjects like in Britain prior to the Revolution. If the people thought that insanely high taxes was only helping, then the people would not have rebelled. You talk about national debt, but refuse to acknowledge the fact that modern U.S., under the Constitution, is tremendously in debt.

1 point

If the standing army was not to go against itself, then why did the Civil War happen. The North and the South separated and fought each other with full-time, properly trained troops. The standing army is used to enforce laws and destroy rebellions. If the federal government decides to pass a law that suppresses the people, then the state governments and the people have no choice but to follow the laws. For example, in the Battle of Blair Mountain, the miners rebelled because of the inhuman conditions that they worked in. The Federal Government threatened to destroy the rebellion with the standing army;therefore, the rebellion was blown out of proportion and was disbanded. No law was passed helping the miners and the lives lost were lost in history. If standing armies were fully used to protect the country, then it would be ok, but because standing armies have other roles that harm the states, it should not be accepted.

3 points

Federal Taxing

The Federal Government being able to tax the people perpetually puts state governments in no-man's land. State governments power to tax has decreased tremendously making it very difficult for the State to properly fund its militia. Along with this, state governments are also not allowed to “emit paper money--lay any duties, or imposts, on imports, or exports…”(Brutus 1). State governments have to rely on direct taxation which generates very little money. “Without money they cannot be supported, and they must dwindle away, and, as before observed, their powers absorbed in that of a general government”(Brutus 1).

3 points

How is it “establishing justice” if the state governments have no power? The Supremacy Clause is an imminent threat to the power of state governments as for federal law overpowers state law, virtually making state legislatures powerless. “It appears from these articles that there is no need of any intervention of the state governments, between the Congress and the people, to execute any one power vested in the general government, and that the Constitution and laws of every state are nullified and declared void” (Brutus 1). In Shay’s Rebellion, the farmers thought that their inalienable right of property was being violated so they rebelled because the Social Compact Theory in the Declaration of Independence allowed them to. If the federal government were to say that banks had the power to take land, because “Tribunals are inferior to the supreme Court” (Enumerated Powers), and were to make a standing army, because the federal government can “raise and support armies” (Enumerated Powers), then the states would be powerless and the farmers would be slaughtered.

1 point

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4 points

Standing Army

A standing army in the United States would take away from the people’s power and stray away from what a republic should be. Most rebellions are deescalated by the standing army and rarely is there a federal law passed. Look back at Shay’s Rebellion and how 125 wealthy Bostonians hired over 3000 troops to put down the 1500 farmer-vets. Now imagine if there was already a completely trained and armed standing army funded by the taxes of every elite and civilian in America. The 1500 farmer rebels would not stand a chance and would immediately be disbanded. Would the Constitutional Convention still have happened, likely, but one thing is for sure, it would not have been because of Shay’s Rebellion. In 1920, the Battle of Blair Mountain was between ill-treated miners and coal companies being backed up by the standing army. Tensions escalated and U.S. President, Warren G. Harding, threatened to send troops and bombers to tackle the marching, protesting, un-armed miners. No law was passed protecting the miners after the incident. The standing army is not protecting the people, but instead it is forcing the people to live with their inalienable rights being taken.

3 points

Necessary and Proper clause

The Necessary and Proper Clause grants the Federal government too much power and can be abused as for any law can be passed with the justification that it is “Necessary and Proper.” The Clause is so broad and powerful that state governments could be completely destroyed if the Federal government sought the need to. After the ratification of the Clause, the federalist improperly used the clause to justify the power to charter an unnecessary national bank. The anti-federalists replied saying, “The Constitution allows only the means which are ‘necessary,’ not those which are merely ‘convenient’ for effecting the enumerated powers.” An example of a proper use of the Necessary and Proper clause is the Louisiana Purchase. There is no specific enumerated power giving Jefferson the right to purchase such a piece of land that would triple the size of the country, but waiting for an amendment to pass could cause the deal to slip so Jefferson purchased the land thinking of the people’s best interest.

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