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1 point

Really no justification why. I just want it to happen. It's fun enough to watch The Battle Of Nations: But it would be even better to watch people who have trained for months - even years - for this sport. Combine that with refined rules and you might just get me to watch the Olympics.

1 point

I know there is Hell. I have been there. But I know it by a different name.


Almost to horrible to comprehend, I know.

0 points

I just mentioned this in another debate. Insults and Ban-Hammers.

EDIT: Please disregard comment. Heat of the moment bitching and whining.

1 point

Yes. I have heard (and seen) that if you do not agree with someone you ban them. If you can't ban them you insult them. You also do these things if you cannot come up with any good points. Or if you are/have losing/lost an argument. You also try scare tactics like "You're going to hell". You try to scare people by saying that you drop the Ban-Hammer on everyone you don't agree with. You have done every one of these things in this debate (except the Ban-Hammer). You have done most of them to me.

1 point

That's ad hominem Saint. That is a pretty weak way to get your point across.

Also, where did you get the assumption that I was crazy? or a perv? Is it because I might be an atheist? and if so where did you get the assumption that I was one? I have never stated on my profile or a debate that I am an atheist.

The statement "There Is No God" is not deep on its own, granted. But the questions it opens up can be. And those questions are very fun to overthink and debate about.

2 points

This isn't a rhetorical question as it is supposed to be answered. You are just refusing to answer it.

And it is philosophy. The question is not trying to disprove or attack your religion. It is saying if. Not is.

1 point

Saint, you know that this is a philosophical debate, right?

1 point

This is like choosing to shot in the head or guillotined. Either way, It's going to be a shitty time.

But... if I had to choose, it would be Stalin.

Because he only killed so many because he was careless and sold off all of his grain.

He had a loose grip the general population as well. That combined with large land borders that are hard to defend (harder to keep people in) so it would be easier for me and the people a care about to sneak out to a better country. "Better" being used loosely because pretty much all nearby countries were screwed up post WW2.

1 point

I would have to say yes because I have already done so.

Not because of heath or regards to the Earth, but because of a stupid schoolyard wager. (I got a packet of chips out of it.)

It was an ant by the way.

Several, really.

2 points

HighFalutin... Wisdom

Wisdom... HighFalutin

Nope. Not seeing it.


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