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1 point

Adolf Hitler, Mein Kamf:

"However, I think theocratic regimes should be outlawed generally, especially Jewish ones."

Google has no record of this quote. You are being banned for fake quotations.

3 points

Tolerance is a positive thing in society. We should always show it to any group unless they are causing you harm or they are intolerant (in this case it would be counterintuitive to be tolerant to the intolerant)

You raise a good point because this is one of my real problems when I have to deal with the far right. They are the most intolerant group of bigots on the entire planet and their ideology has been responsible for the deaths of literally millions. But the moment you challenge their anti-black and/or anti-Muslim views they accuse you of being intolerant.

Jenson(-2) Clarified
2 points

i partially agree with your point in that while you are usually gonna have multiple options your amount of choice and your pay is still gonna highly depend on your choice of profession, however thats a problem with capitalism in general, i would be glad to hear your solution

My solution is to move on from capitalism, and particularly from consumer capitalism. People are forced to work jobs they are overqualified for or disinterested in because they are simultaneously overwhelmed with advertisements tempting them to buy things. Once upon a time America was a land of producers, and IMO it worked much better that way. In fact, it's what made America strong in the first place.

Thanks for "partially agreeing" with my point, btw. I recognise that conceding any ground is often difficult when someone is expressing a different opinion, and I truly respect you for it. Peace.

2 points

TO work is for most people a necessity, but since you get to choose what employer to work for and whether to agree to a certain employer's conditions

Brother, this is exactly what I'm arguing against. You don't necessarily have those choices because your court is not the one the ball is in. Who you work for is a matter of who will offer you a job, and the same goes for the conditions you accept. If you happen to have some highly specialised skill which is in great economic demand then perhaps you would have a point, but the fact is the overwhelming majority of labour is unskilled, menial work, which can be done by any one of a million different people.

The end result is that the reverse of what you're saying becomes true. Employers are the ones who get to pick and choose, not the employees. They can raise the bar on what they are looking for because there are simply so many people who need work.

2 points

Lionard, I wish to challenge some of your claims.

you decide what you work at, you decide how much work you do

This is misleading at best, and outright false at worst. You don't decide what you work at because as an employee you are not the one in control. You are a fool to think otherwise. If you turn a job down there is a queue of probably 200 other people waiting to fill it. And do you know why? It's because without a job you can't feed yourself or your family. You are presenting work as a choice people make, but the very fact that without it they have no means to sustain themselves proves that it is not a choice. It is a necessity.

Jenson(-2) Clarified
0 points

This is a nomenclature alt, ignore it and enjoy the users who really matter.

Thanks for the heads up, but why the confession?

Jenson(-2) Clarified
2 points

It is not unethical. It is no more unethical than using Sun Tzu's The Art of War to win at war.

You haven't read it. I have. Trust me, it's unethical. It has nothing to do with war. It's a book about how to betray people in order to gain economic and political power.

4 points

The left has a monopoly on academia

Academia is the study of facts. You are saying the left has a monopoly on facts?

2 points

It's Britain, genius.

Exactly. This bronto character seems like he's rude and stupid.

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Winning Position: John O'Farrell: For all my lifetime, the Conservative party has pulled off a con-trick

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