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RSS JimFour7

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JimFour7(76) Clarified
1 point

You were not defending Libs when you explained how we must pay taxes for stuff we never agreed we wanted... such as medicaid funded abortions

As an ill informed younger man, I agreed with democratic views.

My views line up pretty squarely on the right, nowadays

But yeah, medicaid funded abortions are morally similar to indiscriminate drone strikes on babys.

1 point

I appreciate your level headed response and valid points. But having a peer as an adult spank in response to a (made up transgression) is not a productive response. The dynamic between father and son is not one of equals. It is a relationship ranging from a responsibility to keep me alive, or can be monetarily held to pay for my mistakes, even the composure I displayed being disrespected last night at the store was a result of my dad's examples. Life provides painful consequences to reinforce a distinct memory of the action responsible. Shit, just yesterday I rode my bike past a spot that my carelessness resulted in a pretty bad wipeout almost 5 years ago. I don't remember ever riding past there any other time, although I know I did. Not every time, but sometimes I reflect on that stupid decision I made causing me a good amount of hurt. I will never jump off that curb not knowing if cars are coming. I racked my brain trying to remember an example when I had to use measured force to inflict pain it is. I had a roommate who drank malt liquor and broke things. On one occasion his head put a hole in the wall and came downstairs accusing my black friend. His clouded reasoning devised some kind of logic that it was impossible that he did, thus it must be him. Stupid story short, Mike was respecting my home by not clocking him out. I put my foot behind his and gave a tiny shove. Well, drew landed kinda hard and then started crying. Hole was patched the next day and he apologized.

My dad did punish me at 14 for smoking in the house. Essentially the only rule I had. I could've easily stepped outside. You were correct in saying I became to mature. Because my maturity affected the lack of privacy I felt with my door removed. Never smoked in my room again.

------Again, if you misbehaved as an adult, would you think it was justified for another adult to "belt" you in response? Why or why not?------

I can't think of a reasonable scenario. If I did something incredibly stupid and resulted in that person being injured. And he suggested say a punch to the arm as retaliation....Yes of course I would do it.

In regards to medicating children's bad behaviour instead of correcting it???That medicine given to a child is truly abusive.

1 point

I'm disputing your closed minded hostility directed at Mormons. I'm disputing your choice of usernames when you're unwilling to initiate a dialog that could lead to a lively debate. I'm disputing your assertion that harassment even occurs. And I disputing your change of opinion from believing them to be nice and helpful to forcing a religion down your neck.

1 point

FW, I agree with your position and found the arguments disputing it were abusive and inflammatory. These debaters were more than likely a victim of child abuse and unable to discern blatant abuse to responsible parents disciplining a child with love and respect. Remembering that each child is an individual requiring varying corrective measures. I rarely got the "belt", was never cursed or yelled, never embaressed or ridiculed. Respect and obedience were unconditional rules while enjoying an independant and responsible life. The last time I got the belt was at age 12. Before that was 10years. I was sure I had outgrown the belt, but throwing snowballs at cars was disrespectful and dangerous. My friend by chance landed one inside of a car and almost lost control. My Dad calmly stated that thiis warranted the belt. First time I didn't cry and it didn't hurt hardly but I distintly remember feeling regret for a new feeling...making my Dad punish me. My long winded point is how a measured balanced approach to discipline is in no way abuse. The real psychological abuse of a lack of consequences, lack of respect, lack of responsibility will likely result in a broken person. Sense of entitlement. Handouts instead of hard work. Or even worse, a lack of self control leads to a prescription of adhd or SSRI meds.

1 point

You see a scum shove down opinions into your throat, harassing you. I operate my life in such a way as to seek out a fresh perspective in order to exchange ideas and learn. When I have a guest in my home, it is my responsibility to set a tone and subtly adjust as needed. Certainly a person harassing or lecturing me in my home is my fault.

1 point

Such as nameless faceless drones raining down terror on woman and children and the elderly, simultaneously making survivors into fighters Unable to engage the enemy in conventional warfare with honor and mutual respect.

1 point

You were describing Mormons as generally nice people in your previous argument. When these young men go on there missions I think it's more a right of passage and a character builder. Dealing in person with a man yelling Fuck Jehovah Witnesses with integrity and levity is respectable. I've only dealt with them on 3 occasions and enjoyed their company and truly interested in hinduism.

1 point

Such as nameless faceless drones raining down terror on woman and children and the elderly, simultaneously making survivors into fighters Unable to engage the enemy in conventional warfare with honor and mutual respect.

JimFour7(76) Clarified
1 point

I like your points here, but let me clarify. The rule of law also gives the false sense of equality and fairness in the face of an obvious bias favoring the powerful. Maintaining power is achieved by protecting and suppressing the truth. State taxes, separate from income is necessary, however having our currency owned by a foreign bank and then only circulated to Americans as a loan with interest. Interest is collected by your labor and designed to never be repayed. Perpetual debt servitude on paper not backed by anything of value other than a policy of trading oil strictly in dollars. As an example of debt slavery...imagine you earned $100 and put that money under your mattress. Since no value is assigned to the currency the bank will print more money, tack on an interest and circulate. Add inflation as a policy and now goods and services cost more. $100 a year later will have the spending power of $80.

1 point

Being delusional and brainwashed is par for the course for an average citizen. Fluoride, refined sugar, msg, metals in vaccines, prozac, narcotics, endless war and surveillance all contribute to that state. Being of the mormon faith gives one a community centric sense of belonging that contribute to networking which leads to a strong support group.

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"Enjoy Scrabble, Star Trek, bicycling, cannabis, bourbon and tobacco."

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