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I disagree with your point : Just consider the prime uses of the things which are considered weapons by you.

Firstly, the prime use of cars are transportation. They are commomly used to move from one place to another by the common people.

You say that cars are considered as WEAPONS by the cops? They are not considered as a WEAPONS. They are used by cops as roadblocks and chasing activities. Do you think them as MURDERS? Quite funny though! That is a funny point you have raised.

Secondly, just think about the prime use of a knife. They are commonly used in domestic kitchen activities.

Now, think about the prime use of a GUN. Even a child knows that guns are used for killing. (Other than defense in the army, obviously, guns can't be banned for the army). Then why not ban guns, when they kill.

Even the keyboard that you are typing on can be used to KILL people if hit at main areas of the body. All is on the mentality of the people. And, as I mentioned in my first point, presence of gun can originate offensive mentality in the owner.

4 points

Firstly, knives and cars are not commonly used to murder people. Cars just cause accidents, that is not the reason why cars should be banned. GUNS ARE A SURE WAY TO FINISH PEOPLE OFF! AND ANYONE CAN USE THEM TO KILL OTHERS, that is the reason why guns should be banned.

Secondly, how do guns serve a great purpose, as you said, in many cases? They help to kill somebody we hate? Well! that is badly justified!!

Moreover, there is no way of ensuring that the people who are getting guns are capable of handling them and are not likely to go kill someone with it.

0 points

The responsible gun owners that you are talking about, might not necessarily THEMSELVES using guns. Womens and even CHILDREN in those houses feel like using those deadly toys and even try shoot at someone. I am not saying all this in fluke. Just click on the evidence below.

After reading this, you might raise another point that the owners should be responsible and keep guns away and keep them safe.BLAH BLAH!


1 point

Mr. Debateman! I was correct about that SUV estimate, you can check out this webpage for an evidence.

I know that the indian middle class are not solely to blame, but Mr. Bush said it in such a way.

-8 points
4 points

Yes, Global Warming is happening. According to an estimate, after 10 years from now, people will be using skin protectors and temperature controller devices in their homes. According to me, whatever we do now to reduce or eliminate this effect, we cannot control it. Yes, now it is too late and we are helpless. A group of handful activists cannot eliminate this effect, and the rest are uninterested.

0 points

Bush is absolutely wrong. The indian middle class people are much aware about obesity and savings. They do not eat much and neither they spend much on expensive goods. The thing is that they are just high in number. Moreover, If bush thinks that the inflation rates should be stabilized, then he should ban all the SUVs in his country. The fuel required for each of the SUVs in America require 204 kg of eatable crops, according to internet.

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