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RSS Jody

Reward Points:915
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

I’m the guy who admitted he views and collects child pornography. I’m disgusting.

You are indeed , agreed

I’m a Hypocrite. It is common knowledge that I have 4,352 dummy accounts. I also own a time machine

I don’t believe the time machine part

-1 points

Jody, your spectacular ego

Says the guy who’s so damaged he attacks everyone on C D who makes a comment in an attempt to bolster his massive egotistical posturing and uses 900 odd accounts to do so

fools you into the notion that using flowery language will convince other people that you are intelligent. Many here fall into the same trap. Intelligence has nothing to do with the language you use

Yet you spend half your time acting the grammar and language correcting Nazi again in a bid to avoid the one thing you’re terrified of actual debate

and everything to do with the point you are making. In your case, you never have a point.

Translation ......The debate topic needs to be dumbed down for you

Jody(915) Clarified
1 point

Iraq war was illegal

It wasn’t ...... U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441, passed by unanimous vote in November 2002, made it clear the then status quo in Iraq was what was illegal. Saddam had already violated some 17 previous resolutions demanding his verifiable disarmament. He was put on notice by Resolution 1441 that continuing this was emphatically unacceptable.

1 point

Intersectionality sounds like nonsense to me , it’s seems to perpetuate this strange idea that different prejudices are innately linked but it also basically means "I feel entitled to make your problems about me and drag my issues into completely unrelated issues.” I’m more oppressed than you nonsense.

How does knowing any of this nonsense make a real difference to people’s lives? It’s seems to be just academic posturing over cool sounding postmodernist nonsense

1 point

. We need innocent 1day old babies to sit in our Parliaments ,Courts and World Unions to make objective laws.

That would probably be a vast improvement on the idiots who run your country at the moment buddy

1 point

. We need innocent 1day old babies to sit in our Parliaments ,Courts and World Unions to make objective laws.

That would probably be a vast improvement on the idiots who run your country at the moment buddy

1 point

Not really. Technically perhaps, but given that it is the antidote to capitalism, one could probably state it is a religion in the same way that atheism is a religion.

Capitalism not really.Technically perhaps, but given that it is the antidote to Socialism one could probably state it is a religion in the same way that atheism is a religion.

1 point

You again misrepresent and Judge Christians. I have no problem with how any person chooses to live his life.

I don’t , my family are mostly Christians. You have huge problems how others live their lives you spend your days here telling them how they should live their lives

When they start trying to indoctrinate my children to the whims of activist LGBTQ agendas, that is when I start speaking out!

Indoctrinate your kids? Who is doing this to your kids in the U S?

The Left has no right teaching my children about unnatural sexual orientations that go completely against the science of biology. You raise your children with your own moral values, and I will do the same. I happen to understand biology and want my children to as well.

Yesterday you’re more or less saying the U S is perfectly safe but I need my gun just in case , now you’re saying citizens of the U S are being indoctrinated against their will by lefty’s , what sort of a shit hole are you living in?

You have bought into the activist groups telling you how they only want to be treated equally.

HOGWASH DECEPTION! They want to force every State and every person in this world to sanction their lifestyles as being natural normal sexual orientations

THEY sound very dangerous I’m all confused you say last week the US is a great country now overnight it’s not safe in your homes unless you’re tooled up against rapists , murderers and serial killers as they could get into your house , children cannot go to school because sexual deviants are attempting to indoctrinate them and on top of all that lefty’s want to sanction unnatural lifestyles you poor man what an ordeal , why not move to North Korea it sounds like heaven compared to the U S?

. They never will be and I sure do not want boys who think they are girls going into my daughter's bathrooms.

You better hide your daughters lipstick in case one of them lefty deviants try’s it on , or get that gun of yours and give it to the deviant lefty between the eyes , go USA 🇺🇸

People on the Left are arrogant thought police trying to force political correctness on others.

They sure are , bring back nigger lynching , apple pie and the KKK none of that lefty bullshit back then on Walton’s mountain along and get back to playing your jug

0 points

Welcome to the wonderful world of Jody, where computer scientists are qualified to talk about quantum physics and homosexuality is a "social problem".

You’re forgetting one thing buddy an expert on Quantum computing gave an opinion on a simulation run on a ......quantum computer ......

Homosexuality to me is not a social problem to Christians like F W it certainly is , you always get things totally wrong in your rush to rabidly attack anyone who exposes your stupidity

Hows that time machine of yours getting on?

0 points

When I speak to a broken US culture, it is the Liberal big city culture of Government dependence and broken families created by amoral Godless Liberals who think a case worker can replace loving parents.

But I’ve made a study of social problems in the Bible Belt in the US , teen pregnancy rates , STDs , homosexuality rates are pretty high how do you explain that?

I have never felt the necessity to own a gun, but most sane rational people understand there is always a one in a million chance some lunatic could one day pick our house. I love my family and will do anything to protect them from that very rare event.

I hope if that day ever comes to your home, your rapist or thief or killer leaves your family alone. If you actually think the lack of guns will deter a criminal from your home, you are brainwashed. Criminals fear it when the home owner might have a gun.

I do not feel the need to carry a weapon based on irrational fears ,we have devices called house alarms over here they’re pretty effective , banks swear by such devices

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