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RSS Jody

Reward Points:1245
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2 points

Who are you to say people do not love their animals enough to marry them?

There’s no need to bring your wife into it ,take a deep breath, calm down and change her straw before she beds down for the night 👉🐷🐷🐷

1 point

Jesus was not an idealist concerning this world

I agree anyone who thinks owning people as property cannot in my mind be termed an idealist but there ya go

1 point

You hold some rather strange views to say the least who ever fucked you up educationally must be thrilled with the end result as by aligning yourself with Young Earthers you put yourself in the same category as Flat earthers on the lunacy scale.

I note you don’t reply when corrected as my piece dismissing your claims regarding the Bible left you with no possible defense.

Regards your young earth contention let’s put that gibberish to bed also...........

Ice layering is a phenomenon that is almost universally observed in ice sheets and glaciers where the average temperature does not rise above freezing.

Annual differences in temperature and irradiation cause ice to form differently from year to year, and this generates alternating layers of light and dark ice, much like tree rings. This method is considered a relatively accurate way to measure the age of an ice sheet, as only one layer will form per year. While there have been a few cases where several layers have formed per year, these incidents do not challenge the ability of ice layering to provide a minimum age, as these false layers can be discerned from the real thing upon close inspection.

Currently, the greatest number of layers found in a single ice sheet is over 700,000, which clearly contradicts the idea of an Earth less than 10,000 years old. Even if one were to assume an absurdly high average of ten layers per year, the age demonstrated by this method would still be far greater than that suggested by young Earth creationists.

Nevertheless, the age of the Earth identified by these means is 160,000 years (±15,000 years), which makes it excruciatingly unlikely that the ice is anything less than 145,000 years .......Rational Wiki ......

Let’s have your best shot at that , maybe a bible verse could sort it?

1 point

You got to keep that right if you want to retain your lowly 128th place in the global peace table of the worlds countries , the U S sits between Saudi Arabia and South Africa as one of the least peaceful countries , take the guns away and this situation should improve but who wants that if your rights are infringed on?

1 point

May I ask for proof disputing such things? Just asking :)

The Bible makes claims about these things and I dismiss such going on the likelihood of what’s most reasonable to believe when presented with such stories. You do exactly the same as in if I stated that an invisible band of friendly pixies resided in my back garden and it must be true as the previous owner of the house wrote a detailed book about his experiences with such would you believe it?

If not why not?

Regards the burden of proof it lies squarely with you as in I have not ruled out with 100 percent that the biblical account is wrong I’m stating what’s most likely given our knowledge and experiences of our world it’s people and surroundings.

Just telling :)

1 point

Nom never comes up with new material , I just sit there in my dad's attic eating cheesy poofs and using my fat greasy fingers to type and reply to things my opponent didn't even say because I made it up in my fat, retarded brain.

I know but that the way you roll isn’t it?

1 point

😴 You’re one boring cunt mate, you's are one and the same get a job and a bit of self respect you stupid cunt ......

1 point

Bwaaaaaaahahahahahaha back to your creative editing .....I’m still living in your head rent free ........

1 point

My penis would get so hard when I see children naked if it weren't for my erectile dysfunction


When I masturbate to child porn I call it the one inch pinch


Sometimes I get jealous of my pet chihuahua because his dick is bigger than mine


1 point

Try feed your own people you idiot ,robotics indeed while all around you people starve in your shit hole of a country

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