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Reward Points:207
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1 point

1. American rock and roll as in , Elvis , Chuck Berry , Buddy Holly etc , etc ,

2: Blues

3: Soul


5: Easy listening

2 points

put in concentration camps where they will be force fed Marxism until they puke and ask for seconds.

That’s well in keeping with Stalinist tradition so at least in this you’re consistent, well done spoken like a true Marxist

1 point

Absolute nonsense and merely your excuse for being a miserable failure

1 point

Hitler preached class warfare, agitating the working class to resist “exploitation” by capitalists , particularly Jewish capitalists, of course. Their programs called for the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, and other major industries. They instituted and vigorously enforced a strict gun control regimen

That's socialism plain and simple

1 point

Debate done by people acting as a group how splendid , yet you want me to engage in a private debate how very odd

0 points

That’s fabulous news thank you for keeping me posted means a lot

Jody(207) Clarified
1 point

Maybe so time will tell , I guess you could also go for the private debate setting also and surely that challenge would be met

Jody(207) Clarified
0 points

Do you honestly think he will articulate and defend his position?

If he does it will be a first , he has been asked countless times and has failed to do why do you assume this will be the exception?

0 points

Tell me what labour theory is and if what you say isn't total bullshit

The usual tactic I see , anything that doesn’t fit your narrative is bullshit .....naturally

I'll give you the argument you so desperately crave.

That will be a first , bet you’ll fly into a tantrum first

2 points

Hitler wasn't a Marxist, or a socialist by the Marxist definition

What exactly is a Marxist can you give one clear cut example?

. The only thing "socialist" about Nazism was the party's name.

Really ? Yet Hitler claimed he took Marxist theory one step further and acknowledged a debt to Marxist thinking

Nothing in their policies was representative of socialism, which is a necessarily democratic, not tyrannic, state of rule.

A sizable percentage of Jews controlled the banks and industry in Germany Hitler did exactly as Marx advocated as in seizing control from the capitalist class

Again you seem to be playing the favoured Socialist game as in The no true Scotsman’s fallacy , no one or nothing is ever a socialist or socialism unless it fits the ever changing Utopian definition of the term

Give me one example of a Socialist state or person that would fit your criteria?

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Winning Position: Do Socialists need a new poster boy?

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