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RSS JoeKinnan555

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I find reading to be a very important aspect of my life, I try and pick up a book at least once a week. The truth is that in this day and age teenager and even adults find themselves wanting to watch the movie rather than read the book.

3 points

Any government’s primary responsibility is to save lives. History has shown that military solutions have little chance of succeeding: it is almost impossible to defeat an organisation composed of individual people with guns and bombs without unbearable restrictions on the freedom of the innocent. In the case of prolonged internal campaigns of terrorism, the promise of negotiations can be used as a bargaining tool to end violence, and will almost always lead to a ceasefire. This has been seen in almost every case where terrorist groups have been brought to the negotiating table. In the case of more isolated incidents, such as hostage-taking, it is worth making concessions in order to save the lives of civilians who the government has no right to sacrifice on a stubborn point of morality.

Many terrorist conflicts are the result of political disagreements that run back many years; terrorism is often fuelled by a historic culture of hatred and distrust. In such situations, it is imperative that someone take the first step in trying to resolve the situation. In the interests of peace and of fairness, it is the government which must do so: it is inevitably the more powerful side in the conflict and is therefore in a position to make concessions. Only by taking a lead is it possible to end the killing.

One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Most terrorist organisations are not engaged in violence simply for the joy of it, nor for personal gain; instead, they stand for a particular political position, and often for a particular group of people. It is important to realise that there are two sides to every conflict. A good example for this is the ANC in South Africa. For many years they were regarded by the government – and by many foreign governments – as an illegal terrorist organisation. For the majority black population of the country, however, they were legitimately fighting for their freedom. History will record that they were on the side of right, and the apartheid government was in the wrong.

Under-16s need parental consent for medical treatment and surgery: abortion should not be an exception. There are plenty of other things children are not allowed to do without their parents’ consent: tattooing, ear-piercing, school activities such as school trips; parents can withdraw their children from school religious activities without their children’s consent; under-16s are not allowed to get married without their parents’ consent. Abortion is at least as important a decision as any of these if not more important.

I think I like crapping more than barfing so I'd go with crapping!

3 points

1.)Parents have a right to know what their children are doing: they are legally responsible for their care, and as parents they have a proper interest in any case. Any good parent would want to know if their daughter were having an abortion; any good parent would want to help her daughter make a good decision on the matter, and to prevent her from making a bad decision.

2.)The parents of teenagers have to live with the consequences of teenage motherhood: they often bear a particularly large responsibility for looking after the children, because teenage mothers are usually 1) single; 2) living at home; 3) unemployed; 4) in full-time education. They are economically dependent, and unable to give all of their time to their children. If the mother’s parents are going to have to look after their grandchild and to live with it, they should have a say on whether it is born in the first place.

3.)The decision whether to have an abortion or continue the pregnancy often has a major long-term impact on a woman's psychological and emotional well-being, her ability to continue formal education, and her future financial status. The proposed measure helps ensure that pregnant teenagers get support and guidance from their parents in this important decision. If parents are not informed, there is a risk that they and their daughters will become permanently estranged at a time when parental support is most important.

2 points

Um the only thing I can think of is an encyclopedia? ... thats all I got

dammit I didn't catch that!

What has a mouth but no head and runs without legs?

Didn't he put 2 of each animal in the arc ? asl;kdfjl;ksjfkl;sjdfljasklfjslk;jflasfjklasfj

2 points

I think that some people refuse to support our troops in the faintest hope that it will help bring them back. If a football team goes and does a play that nobody likes should the crowd boo them? No thats stupid

-1 points

It is no way to live...........................................................................................

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