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RSS Joe_The_Jew

Reward Points:24
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

The list of Jews hated by this Nazi rivals Hitler's own.

He has made a point of expressing his disdain towards me also.

2 points

So, no rebuttal about your illegal activities in Pakistan?

Please let me be the first to add that lecherous little abusers like Bronto are not representative of the general Jewish community. We do not condone his behaviour and he is certainly not welcome back here among us.

2 points

It's impossible to know what an omniscient being's position would be in every scenario

It's a simple question you disgusting Nazi paedophile. Either answer it or shut your stupid mouth.

0 points

Yes. You should be able to say whatever you want regardless of what it is.

Thank you for proving you support making sexually provocative comments to young children, you disgusting little Nazi paedophile scumbag.

1 point

Proof that it is burritolunch AKA Nom

It isn't me so therefore it is scientifically impossible that you can have proof.

You're just an idiotic lying Nazi with a big mouth that never closes.

1 point

Bronto admits his own retardation:-

"Someone help me, I beg you. I'm too stupid to accomplish basic tasks"

Bronto admits Nom is a genius:-

"Care to address being an unaccomplished genius?"

Bronto admits what caused his present worldview:-

"a KKK grand wizard as a mentor"

Bronto plagiarises yet more ideas he borrowed from Hitler:-

"fuck the common good"

Bronto willing to turn a blind eye to child murder for the right price:-

"The mass murder of children in Waco. But that's none of my business..."

Bronto admits he reads Hitler and Mussolini speeches "fervently":-

"I've read [them] all"

Bronto explains his theory of crime:-

"There are no police"

Bronto explains his theory of why his first theory is so stupid:-

"There is no world."

Bronto explains his theory of why his second theory is so stupid:-

"Trump is connected to space aliens"

Bronto admits that socialists are honest people:-

"Socialists never make or take bribes "

Bronto expects us to be grateful that he's a Nazi:-

"I provide you links of Hitler and Mussolini's quotes"

Joe_The_Jew(24) Clarified
0 points

I'm not familiar with Sam Harris or his ideology.

Of course you aren't. Only sane people listen to scientists and only insane people describe science as "ideology". It is little surprise that you are able to maintain your ignorance in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, when you simply refuse to listen to any of the counterarguments.

I don't know how anyone can say God absolutely does not exist, and call it fact.

There is no scientific evidence to suggest he does exist, and scientists don't believe stuff without scientific evidence to support it. Zealots and ideologues (i.e. that's you) simply turn logic upside down every time their own logical fallacies are exposed. Hence, when you are questioned about why you believe God to be a fact despite the complete lack of any evidence, you respond by claiming there is no evidence that he doesn't exist. It's stupid, incredibly childish, and truly reveals the debilitating illness which affects your mind.

I would love to ask him questions about right and wrong. My first question would be why killing unborn babies is right, but killing mass murderers is wrong.

His answer would no doubt be to enquire why you are loading your language to the point of absurdity and, if you answered truthfully, you would explain it is to disguise the raging contradiction in your own argument. It is precisely unloved, abused, uncared for babies who grow up to be mass murderers in the first place. These monsters generally aren't coming from happy, loving, financially secure families you astonishingly dishonest, stupid, mad little bastard.

0 points

Except that propaganda isn't real, and this is literally something that happened.

Ahahahahaha! Except that propaganda isn't real and you literally admitted that you are a Nazi.

Shut your stupid face you astonishingly thick bigot.

0 points

Rush Limbaugh is still on the air.

Yeah, only now he pays them.

To me, however, 2012’s biggest ‘fall’ and loudest thud was the GOP elephant running up against reality. Leading the charge toward their own tone-deaf destruction with his over-the-top attacks on college student Sandra Fluke was foul-mouthed fulminator RUSH LIMBAUGH.

Rush is my own choice for DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF 2012. rush-limbaugh-disgraced/

1 point

Fluke rejected the apology as dubious and inadequate.[1][2][3][4][5]

As well she should. God I hate that fat Nazi Rush Limbaugh.

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