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Oh haha I apoligize, but hey, I agree with you, it is true!

0 points

Bernie sanders has won the senate seat since the 80's. He has won plenty

1 point

Well think of it, life would be better if people truly followed the bible and the morals of the bible, so much bloodshed would be spared, and people could live in a new world free of those who are rotten.

1 point

But if Joe Biden does this presidential run. Bernie sanders has a make up of 86% of his voters actually agree with him. That being said, Joe Biden wouldn't take away his support, he would take away Hillary Clinton's supporters.

1 point

Well I think it's safe to say that all live matter. Black lives, white lives, ect. With that being said, unborn lives matter just as well. I believe that it should be banned unless there was rape, incest (which usually is rape), and if it endangers the mother/the baby would be born with severe mental issues. The worst is partial birth abortion though.

1 point

Let's see... well lets take all religious aspect out of this. Let's start with abortion, how do you view that?

1 point

Just think this through. A Muslim boy, goes to school, with a a clock he said he MADE, in this world filled with fear and terror, do you really think ill of those who were looking out for their own safety, as well as the safety of others?

1 point

All lives matter. White lives as well as black lives.. That being said, unborn lives matter just as much.

1 point

CNN. At one point they were leaning extremely to the left, but now they have scaled back and speak well and poorly of each side of the political spectrum.

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Winning Position: Could Bernie Sanders actually beat Hillary?

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