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RSS John-Locke

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1 point

The probability of there being a being of higher power is more probable than there not being a being at all, but what evidence is there to support your statement other than the theory of intelligent design? When you delve into the idea that everything within the universe is God, then that would be entirely plausible.

1 point

A joint military alliance with all of Europe would created stronger bonds between member nations of the European Union, strengthening economic, social, political, and possibly social ties among Europeans, putting an end to years of European militarism and conflicts across the peninsula through diplomatic means rather than by brute military force, as powers such as the Roman empire, French empire, and Nazi Germany attempted to accomplish for thousands of years.

John-Locke(10) Clarified
1 point

Guns can be used as self defense in order to ward off any threats made by others but that doesn't mean guns should be widely available to the people. In the past decade, there have been nearly hundreds of mass shooting and terrorist attacks across the country, with the Las Vegas, Columbine, and Texas church shootings being the most recent, killing more than 60 people in the process. As you can see here, crime actually increases when guns are made available to the public. You can see this trend in the number of homicides as a result of guns, with 11,208 homicides from them a year, 21,175 from suicide, 508 deaths as a result of neglected use of a firearm, and 281 from an "unintentional use of a firearm", all of them occurring on a yearly basis according to the National Bureau of Economic Research and The National Academies Press as well as a multitude of other sources from sites such as Vox and the BBC news channel. If you as me, I say that we should either ban guns for the public, inquire strict background checks, or ban all guns with the exception of small handguns for the public domain. Anti-depressants have little or nothing to do with mass shootings for that matter, in fact, most mass shootings occur as a result of years of neglect of the victim or radical ideologies that these people support or praise to the extreme, as well as some forms of mental illness. In order to prevent such things from happening, we simply have to help people with special needs that have the potential of doing such things, providing social and psychological help to these individuals, keep them away from weapons that can do harm, and other measures to prevent shooting from ever occurring.

1 point

What evidence is there to prove the existence of God but claims and disputes throughout history? America simply ran off the rails because of lack of efficient policies to control lucrative businesses and political and social tension across the country that further divides us, including religious beliefs.

1 point

It's not the fact that the concept of gender should be discarded, but rather the use of gender's that are non-existent or genders which people associate with that are entirely wrong. The terms "Gender fluid" and "Non-binary" are existent because there are a number of people who do identify with these biological traits. It's like a white guy with absolutely no Asian-heritage saying he's Asian despite the truth.

Winning Position: Are there more than two genders?

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