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RSS John_C_1812

Reward Points:244
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John_C_1812(244) Clarified
1 point

they can be trick or willingly admit guilt to a felony crime and loose rights. Since you asked.

John_C_1812(244) Clarified
1 point

Keep in mind posterity is placed in writing within Preamble of the United States Constitution. This means the first order of a United State of woman should be, must be, removed themselves from any Admission of guilt of crime, or accusation of crime before representation before the United States Constitution, so she too can obtain constitutional right as creator, then partner in creation of this described posterity.

This process of description sets a legal fact all woman are created equal according to the law in this way so it might be witness to young and old alike.

Yes a United State can be set showing a right for the unborn to live.

First is Genetic human cloning, then artificial womb children, test tube babies, advanced A.I robots, finally children who are conceived by parents.

Understand something clearly abortion by its admission of guilt in a crime set a poor practice loose in a United State of Constitution. It is hard to make any arguments here without setting a proper use of the word abortion in the context to what it describes.

What we do know as fact it is not the intention of humanity to place a limit on birth by use of womb for all people as a single right, as medical and scientific precedent has already been made to make that impossible while the argument struggles with issues of independence. There is more than one group of people who are united as a single group by this question in Constitutional principle.

I am not prepared to make arguments on this level of principle in a basic fashion and from the looks of the comments so far there is a great deal of representation missing.

Not really, America as a democracy has influence elections internationally for quite some time politically. This means many enemies have been nurtured to a way of questionable ethics. To think maybe some-one should have understood we are a United State of Constitutional right a promoted a united union on Constitutional state comes to mind.

As socialism works with communism yet is the enemy of independence, and United State is a regulation set against socialism which limits dictatorship of communism. This is how a democratic republic Military command can be relieved of duty making it unique in the world.

John_C_1812(244) Clarified
1 point

Yes, I am saying an admission to a crime is legal even if the woman believes she is in danger, or is really in danger. There are several Unite states created by the use of the word abortion. Outside the biggest which is an admission of guilt, there is the transferable self-incrimination, and outside the transferable self-incrimination there is a miss-use of the word abortion.

Abortion is an official stop/pause used only on things to have been officially started to address issues concerning life threating malfunctions. The process which is aborted is either restarted, or terminated for safety. Abortion on the other hand takes place with a really woman when she does not become pregnant while she goes through menstruation up until menopause.

The medical profession and genetic sciences see the human embryo as alive and its life is simply extended in a couple ways, cryogenic freezing, and pregnancy are different ways of preserving a living thing that has already been documented. So it is the stopping of the conception process which is when an abortion takes place according to the principle of the word. The other circumstance is termination or female specific amputation.

The reason why legislation of law around the word abortion is illegal. Self-incrimination is never addressed to a standard of United States Constitution the crime is never verbally removed from the admission of guilt. The demonstration set to protect the United States Constitution is female specific amputation. This admission has no self-incrimination of guilt. this places all voters in danger of committing perjury or become accomplish after the fact. both of which would remove them as legal voters.

Abortion is legal

Asking permission or forgiveness for pregnancy termination by the public is not.

Abortions are public legal admissions of guilt. Maybe people should understand that before they argue the crime confessed and its alibi given, so then they might clearly see why they can be found to be illegal. A Professional-choice is not a United States constitutional choice, one is made over Constitutional right, and the other over money.

Is the United States Constitutional judicial separation process willing to give up legally fornicating woman? Should Female Specific Amputation be legal?

Gay Marriage hurts everyone in three ways.

First: Marriage is a longstanding likely-hood with legal past which is a precedent for the creation of citizens by the natural process of birth without immigration. It is licensed process which allows a common defense of governing State and governing Nation to address the creation of new Citizen as baby entering into a Country from an origin outside of borders only represented by two people.

Second: Gay marriage hurts the public as it is plagiarizing a likely-hood of marriage and civil union that is a witness account describing a sexual innuendo as conduct which is not needed in part of the overall witness’s account of such type private contract. As these issues of public likelihood require a common defense to the general welfare Binivir and UnosMulier are not are not sexual explicit witness accounts for children under age.

Third: The constitutional separation made by the likely-hood’s license set a legal distance and boundary between medical use of donations in the form human embryo, and sperm. As the licensing of medical practice is now able to create a citizen like couples, at the expense of love and the preservation of life which set forth a living being by registration.

Okay you’re kind of not grasping a basic principle here. The United States Constitution is not Constitution itself. They are two different things. Constitution is having been designed from basic principle and legal precedent. A United States Constitution is many idea designed of basic principle and legal precedent.

Therefore the United States Constitution is not out of date there is just reason to believe that the issue of basic principles has been compromised and it no longer can insure a legal impartiality. Which means some laws can be written and ratified to address unconstitutional condition.

Heaven has a Gate charge set that anyone can pay.

Hell has an immigration policy.

GOD is an axiom which describes independence to gain eternal membership to either.

Does it matter Roe Vs Wade is a Civil case based on patient privacy, yet the medical profession is openly asked to violated the Hippocratic Oath by insistence for immunity to a public admissions of guilt. However intellectual well worded it is made. The public just doesn’t deserve to be caught in the intellectual lie abortion creates as a self-incrimination by admission to crime. A common defense is abortion is a lie and what was taking place was a form of female specific amputation.

As for same sex marriage. It is at best a plagiarism against marriage the problem is the governing should have better regulated the likely-hood from the start. Gay and Lesbian are not just a person’s choice they had been an accusation. At the same time marriage is a likely-hood which sets a registration along with civil union and common law marriage to citizen ship as a common defense to the general welfare.

The civil action creates a question to perjury and obstruction of justice by manipulating a witness account.

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"work, Programming, wood work, writing, music"

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Name: John 
Gender: Male
Age: 54
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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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