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RSS John_C_1812

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John_C_1812(136) Clarified
1 point

The one Religion of GOD. And this one religion by representation can form separation for this accusation cast against both it and the governing body. By equal representation under Constitutional Law.

The Separation of Church and state is one process stated in the United States Constitution. It is the only know written legal process of its kind in the world. It is left unlabeled as to provide the liberty of choice by necessity. The issue you describe was created by selling democracy over impartial separation granted by the fundamental word Constitution itself.

“In God We Trust.” Can be taken from religion and separated by the republic as non-religious.

“One Nation Under Principle.” (A guide to the common defense. 2016) GOD can be described as an Axiom of numbers.

Keep in mind the Federal Reserve Note when defended in Court is not money it is a impartial receipt describing a fix value that is registered for exchange publicly on dept. and other services. The saying was introduced as religious it does not mean a separation of church and state cannot be applied once placed in service to the Country.

Religion should not be denied opportunity of representation base on religious merit alone.

Freedom of religion is a two sided sward. Above all things it describes a witness account for religions to form beyond organized governing establishments like church. The Freedom of religion is still provable as it is only forms a category of religions without self-value.

In demanding that others solve the issue of United States Constitutional representation a people we all share a folly.

First Abortion is a self-incrimination to a felony crime of pre-mediated murder. This self-incrimination is transferable into the general public. On this understanding abortion is a crime that denies a public of United States Constitutional separation for their own protection. I can find no justification why every person in any united states must take part in a babies sacrifice do you? Leaving I impart the words Gender Specific Amputation.

Second Marriage is a likely-hood describing two individual’s ability to add the taxpayer’s burden of judicial impartiality cost by creating Citizens by a sexual Union. There is legal cause to insist that witnesses view and observe the possibility of this Union.

To my knowledge likely-hoods formed by people of the same gender must receive assistance form outside median to obtain this purpose. Be it adoption or surrogate. What does a witness need to witness by law Binivir, UnosMulier, and Marriage.

As for the Quote of Constitutional disclaimer it is written documenting that the governing system does not pass religious law it is representation or the constituents which might do so. People have a profound right to disagree this does not give them a right to force others to participate in crimes they favor by consent of law and intellect.

Concluding that both pregnancy and abortion hold types of accusation which may be disputed by law.

“Do I think the First Amendment is obsolete?”

It is rhetorical and does not matter what a person may think the first Amendment of the United States Constitution is a step made on basic principle and legal Precedent in a direction of expression to the order of Constitutional law. At some level as basic principle it must present an obsolete appearance. In every day chat it nothing more than a head start that is given in legal order. As judicial impartial curtesy. It is an admittance to the lack of self-value in writing, words spoken, and artwork, it goes on to describe the ability to form new religions and formation of congregation by grievance. In opposition to all United States Constitutional rights addressing a person right to liberty and self-value.

Obsolete is only saying used less today then other times in history and no longer can hold amending self-valued. The First Amendment is incomplete as there have been no constitutional description given before or after that can details the difference made publicly between the two words. “Freedom” meaning having no self-value or cost, and the word “liberty” meaning there is in fact some form of value, be it self-set or appointed value, such as life then happiness by independence holding others cost publicly while they are understood and shared.

Fire-arm legislation is formed on this public grievance by principle. Which is why it falls under Amendment two made on the United States Constitution. However neither of these amendments clearly describe any detail that would give amendments merits above and beyond the United States Constitution.

Free speech is not a Civil Right. It is only a United States Constitutional right, and can be set as inalienable by representation to the United States Constitutional. In order for it to be a Civil Right the population must be able to describe then maintain a impartial separation process on its own in society.

Remember Free means the object in question holds no self value. For a person this might mean an admittance, or accusation of incompetence. Or the Governing agent is not providing some ongoing regulation requited on self-value for overall public safety. This is a Constitutional definition and not legal explanation.

Abortion legislation is a use of the First Amendment in the formation of a civil attack aimed against the United States Constitution. It can be seen as a test of law enforcement, as it describes a public confession made on murder. To form an equality the understanding is Gender Specific Amputation. Congress is not a judicial entity so any hearings are to form a constitutional separation.

Law should be legislated on Constitutional grounds. As the full extent of any damage is unknown to conscious. A Civil War that was created by use of Abortion is not been brought before the United States Constitution, yet. Only the pressures, and expense of covert Civil War.


Tell me how the Fifth Amendment applies to Cuba.

Through the United States Constitution, the document a Bill of Rights with Fifth Amendment makes claims in writing to alter.

The best exception to the Fifth Amendment is made clear by the Fifth Amendment itself. “Except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of WAR or public danger;” However the Unite States Constitution still holds a Military tribunal with a code of conduct regardless of this exception.

Our issue is in the articles of United States Constitution, written before any Amendment in the Bill of Rights, by change made on Constitutional self-evident truth. The United States Constitution is a type of judicial separation, which takes place on the constitutional level. EVERY WHERE! So, yes, it is the world’s right to have, and to hold, so help them axiom of GOD, the United States Constitution. The founding Fathers wrote it specifically to offer this common defense to the general welfare of all mankind. PERIOD.

We are not Fetus, while a human right is an acknowledgement made by the idevigaual, a person who makes a claim on what is right, and what is wrong. The United States Constitution was a separation process of human right, and human wrong. It really didn’t need any law to work as separation. Just a path that could be described as right, not good. Right.That is why it was written as law of the land. Its power supreme above all others.

John_C_1812(136) Clarified
1 point

The moment the word abortion is used by any person in relationship to a medical treatment. That is when life was witnessed as begging officially. That one very first time it is said or written down. Abort means to officially stop. We do not stop any process we do not admit of knowing began, ever, we know as a fact something has officially started. Period. Tell me when does the beginning of life ever become a question in Gender Specific Amputation. It is a confession to a medical process only it does not involve me by confessing a crime to me publicly. Period.


Winning Position: Is a clock attached to time?

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"work, Programming, wood work, writing, music"

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Name: John 
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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