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RSS John_C_1812

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Pregnancy abortion is just a public admission of guilt describing the crime of murder. Admissions of guilt are very hard to detail as illegal crime as they are the confession to such actions and not the crime they describe to others. Admissions are found to be Unconstitutional and are in most cases proven to be a crime outside the crime described by the self-incrimination.

If there is a technical justification science is the only organized group that performs pregnancy abortions as a united State. In vitro fertilization officially stops a human pregnancy an female specific amputation reinstates a woman’s menstruation cycle.

It should be noted that no-where in the process of in vitro fertilization does the science community state a pregnancy abortion takes place.

Isn't it a Batter or flour Cake not Dough cake? batter and dough are not equal there are a very few cakes that are really made with dough. It was not clear if such a limit was intentional or not. Sorry if it is a dumb question.

John_C_1812(276) Clarified
1 point

So what you are both saying is Theory is an educated opinion?

That is true but so should education. By the way accidental death is not homicide, it is not murder. While forced assisted suicide, and intentional death are still homicide. Lethal force is not, but may be. this is constitutional understanding of the use of the word murder.

John_C_1812(276) Clarified
1 point

President of the United States of America is and will always be for all time a lifetime position, It is marked by the separation made by republic to which there is a relief which directs Presidents to a liberty of choice as to how best serve the United States Constitutional representation for the people.

*"I am lonely over here!".

Being right in such a wrong way is a new direction by basic principle. First Amendment Freedom of Speech 2018.

No insult meant Executive Officer Trump, or Congress.

No purity much anyone can declare themselves president for life. Many men have in fact declared themselves President for life simply after being elected by the voters. Kind of the same thing but at different extremes of the scale. The oath of office many elected candidates for Presidency share however state clearly the Position of President is one of ability. This may account for the somewhat skew in describing the legal precedent set by the Title President of the United States of America.

The point of Republic united State would be to relieve him of command of executive office at which time he can take his Declaration of Presidency for life with him.

The Declaration of independence insured that all those under its independence in a United State are, and will remain Republican. The lie is it was ever a choice to begging with that a person could just make. It is a United State held public by Constitutional union which describes a Nation, it really has little impact on the person one way or the other they just become defiant in understanding it is a necessity in the right to vote.

The reality is a person would need to prove they are not a republican, and in doing so the person would be giving up there citizen ship. Which is kind of an irony as it is our inalienable right to register to vote which dictates the joining of the republic.

Does Gay Marriage minimize Marriage in any way?

Yes it is adding a sexual idea into someone’s visual description as witness, it is then asking to make confirmation of this in/on an official documented public process. If I agree as a witness with the suggestion, plagiarism, sexual undertone I am asked to commit perjury. A person would need to violate a right to privacy to be able to witness the explained thing/ public likely-hood. Confessing the hard to prove perjury publicly, I am given no common defense, the public is given no common defense to the admitted guilt other than inability to understand the crime by its complexity, and the person who admits must wait for the statute of limitation to run out. The problem is like homicides the limitation may never really take effect till after the fraud is identity publicly.

Another point of minimizing takes place on the level of immigration part of the original context of filing for Marriage license is to acknowledge the creation of a Nations growth directly. Couples of marriage share a different regulation on citizenship as children are expected by consent to marriage, consummation of the marriage was the united state equal to all men and woman couples including gay men and lesbian woman.

Specifications are an example of what you ask, possibly mathematic ratio, the process of proportioning as well.

John_C_1812(276) Clarified
1 point

Okay thermadgadfly two things first you are using the word if a lot. You are also using the word if, and placing me inside of a theoretic state as well. This is like playing pretend not to cause an increase in any insecurity to what is already a personal issue for you. This fact is okay and is human. I am going to take some constitutional liberties here while speaking truthfully. It is our fault when we panic, so in the event, not if, when you are being laughed at while alone hide under the table, because someone dropped their tray that made a loud bang! There are many of us right there with you under that table.

Since us, meaning both you, and I, have come to an impasse with the fascination with gum fire-arm issue as a freedom of speech somehow. I am going to give some United State direction. The argument by American constitution, or for others United State Constitution is based on a student’s not being pro-active in asking/ seeking for drills, a state of readiness which now include assaults by armed militia, and or single person. Welcome to the freedom of speech Fire does not just mean flames and objects burning.

The precedent here for a person my age, in connection to stress and panic while in institutionalized education is instruction given along the lines of seeking shelter under a desk. Seek this comfort in event of notifications of chemical nuclear attack. So with a point to maintain a sense of humor I would have to tell you if you has seen my grades you would understand the lack of fear to be shot on my part. So again the stress of the overall pressure of the burden of education place a unique quality to a united state, this meaning some state of fact that is shared as close to equal in all concerns to the people in general.

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"work, Programming, wood work, writing, music"

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Age: 55
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Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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