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RSS Jolly

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1 point

To kill anyone is possibly defined as cruel. Here the point is when you hunt someone, or something, how to call your action? Well, as Quocalimar said, if you are hunting for fun, it is definitely cruel, but, if you hunt for living, it is another matter of facts.

2 points

I have a special and effective suggestion in order to remove acne from your body. And, trust me, it works. It works because is 100% natural. In short, waiting. Just wait a couple of months, or years, and you will see acne slowly disappearing from your body, leaving behind itself a beautiful soft skin.

1 point

Should we save them? Is this a question? It should not, since we are the major responsible for this possible extinction. As we were for all those species extinct during the 20th century up to now, such as some tigers. Come on, it sounds pretty much like if we were thieves and, after having robbed some gold from a house, we asked ourselves if we should bring the gold back.

1 point

"Cancer is a disease everyone can get."


"And starvation usually occurs to people in third world countries."

Ah, ok, but then, what?

"Starvation is due to hunger. We have a cure for hunger."

Yeah, of course we have. And i see you cure starving people everyday, right? What do you say about that?

"What makes you think that the same people trying to cure cancer are the ones who should be ending starvation?"

Probably the fact that the only ones who can HELP poor people ending their starvation are us, the rich ones, and, by chance, the same ones who are searching the cure for cancer.

"Cancer is a disease. Starvation is not."

Ok, congratulation! But let me tell you that most probably the reason why you chose cancer is that you have definitely more probabilities to get it than people living in third world countries. If you were one of those billion starving people, you would probably think it different. And there is more: you are starving and you know the cure for your problem is food; you see people living in cities, some miles away from you, eating all day long, everyday, all the year long. Cancer is still more important?

1 point

I disagree simply because nowadays it turns to be kinda hard for anyone to find some moral value to share or to learn by. As Nietzsche prophesied at the end of the nineteenth century, all the values have disappeared. We are living nihilism. Today's and new generations will grow up and live under a nihilistic regime, which has not dictators. This is kinda worse than the problem you have just questioned.

1 point

To me, existing means living automatically: short, existing occurs when a robot would do anything different at our place. Living, on the contrary, means reaching the uniqueness in life, the top, where Reason walks at your side, and creativity leads the way. It means not to be happy: in fact, it is not a difference between happiness and sadness. It is more a difference between reason and cleverness. In truth, the more you are clever the less you are alive. Think about that.

1 point

It is your right, yes, but you have to ask yourself "Why do i feel the necessity to do that?", or rather "Is marriage really something to fight for?". If you asked yourself such questions, you would realize that all the certainties, such as the fact that you really want to be married, are just illusions and, occasionally, superstitions. Moreover, the fact that you definitely want to be married in church, since church is what it is, is just a nonsense. You have to be more clever than the church, not a stupid rat which wants the cheese and, in order to get it, spends his all life by trying to enter the trap.

1 point

I would feel more represented if a voice named "It's all about America's degeneration" was a possibility. Indeed, America has started this war, America wanted to give the Jews a country, and it was America that did all that ignoring that Palestinians had been living those lands for a long time. The truth is that, if America should look itself reflected into the mirror, the mirror would immediately break up. It is responsible of war in half the countries of the world, and the funniest thing is that she is still calling for democracy and freedom, and their president was given a Nobel prize for peace: LOL. Americans: wake up!

1 point

Starvation is a disease which hits mostly poor people... Cancer is a wealthy people disease, since it usually occurs to people when old. So I'd choose starvation, because, even if it is a quicker problem to solve, it still exists, since we are a lot more occupied in searching for cancer cures than solving such a "stupid" problem as starvation is.

3 points

Of course they do. The little entrepreneur, who has slowly disappeared, was replaced by those big corporations whose aim is profit. The problem is that they make you believe that the interest of corporation and the interest of men coincide, when they are not the same thing.

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