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RSS Jonminken

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I agree with you based on the factor of common sense, and that maybe thinking about children or people who are sensitive to nudity would be the right thing to do

Jonminken(2) Clarified
1 point

Why do you ask? Btw are you against my view or supporting it?

-1 points

Remember, wages ARE NOT paid by gender, it is by hours worked as women work 23% less than men

2 points

Women have things easier in life by far.

CHILD HOOD THROUGH ADULT HOOD: When a young boy first begins to mature he is immediately told from parent figures, authoritarians, and peers to "man up" or to "grow a pair" or take it like a man. They are are also told that they can never place there hands on a girl even if she does it to him first. Which is stupid as pediatrician Dr. Sharon winslow records that from the ages of 2-13, boys and girls are equivalent in strength and speed until most boys hit puberty. Then as teenagers they are seen as weird and gross and even told to hide there emotions.

Also, male underachievement in our schools is a huge problem with 1 out of 7 boys being diagnosed with ADHD and are 39% less likely to go to college. They also win fewer honors, count for 72% of suspensions and are favored in classrooms much less then girls. On college campuses in america they will soon be required to take mandatory consent classes, implying that they are all potential rapists.


. They are 4x more likely to commit suicide

. They make up 93% of workplace fatalities

. 70% of non reciprocal domestic violence victims are men

. 84% of homicide victims are male

. 90% of child custody winners are women

1 point

Honestly, If the black football players are going to protest police brutality against blacks (even though 43% of all police brutality victims are white) , They should not disrespect america to do so. You see if you refuse to stand for the flag, you are showing utter disrespect towards the government, the citizens, and the veterans that fought and sacrificed themselves for our great nation. So, that is why these idiots who get paid millions of dollars to not respect their country can screw off of sports

1 point

Well no, dining rooms have not been gender specific since 1963

And, if a girl wanted to be a scout she would join the Girl Scouts

1 point

1. There is not a gender pay gap due to the fact that you are paid for hours worked and women on average work 23% less than men are more likely to take time off and are less likely to except raises

2. If there was a gender pay gap why wouldn’t all fortune 500 companies just hire women instead of men I mean it would be a lot cheaper And easier to organize

3. Women are not subjected to as many negative stereotypes as Men; we are seen as the knight in shining armor to risk our lives our money and our well-being. If we offered Anything less of that We would be told to man up and stop being so selfish and entitled.

4. Feminists are constantly complaining that they are oppressed in the western world, yet in the Middle East, where women are actually oppressed, they are completely silent and do nothing about it.

Winning Position: Yes, it does

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