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RSS JustIgnoreMe

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JustIgnoreMe(3368) Clarified
1 point

I see.

Then, do you have any arguments that support a flat earth?


Only describes flat-earth belief, it does not give any arguments to support it.


Just says they believe it because they think the bible tells them so.


Their post does not support your argument. AIG is against the flat-earth idea.

Here is their post on the matter:

I believe this platform is better than this one.

"So is Barack Obama."

How so?

The DOW was DOWN for the 1st half of 2018...

Except Reagan didn't lose Michigan.

Should we have "zero tolerance" for other laws?

Should we jail every person who gets a parking ticket and detain their kids?

Guns are all equally lethal

Is a BB gun as lethal as an Uzi?

Both seem equally difficult.

Both are difficult, yet we can/should take prudent steps towards each.

this is punishing the good Samaritan

Considering that accidents happen has nothing to do with punishing good Samaritans.

JustIgnoreMe(3368) Clarified
1 point

Right. It doesn’t apply to registration, weight limit, and parking. It does apply to everything else including the speeding tickets you mentioned.

Meaning that if I just change my example from speeding to parking tickets, the NRVC argument fails - consider it thus changed...

Not to “cite and release” the offender once ticketed.

Yes, the officer often has the discretion of cite and release - though it is generally discouraged.

"If, for example, the driver is licensed in a jurisdiction which is not a member of the NRVC, the officer must collect a bond or take the defendant before a judicial officer or simply issue the driver a ticket."

Tell me that’s what you want at the border.

I think ankle-bracelets would be a better idea for most cases.

Easier than what?

Easier than fighting a case for asylum.

I can’t call a friend to bring cash.

Can you call a bail-bonds person?

seek asylum at a designated crossing point

Many tried to do exactly that and were deliberately blocked:

Bad laws require a legislative change.

Bad policy changes can be fixed with policy changes.

historically 40% have never returned

Does ending successful programs help?

"According to ICE, overall program compliance for all five regions is an average of 99 percent for ICE check-ins and appointments, as well as 100 percent attendance at court hearings. Since the inception of FCMP, 23 out of 954 participants (2 percent) were reported as absconders."

the Rep House Bill

You mean the one with the support of less than 5% of Republicans in the House (11 out of 236)?

The one that allows the currently separated children to be detained indefinitely?

The one that increased judges which Donald Trump specifically said was bad idea?

The one that hasn't even been heard in committee, much less been given a vote?

Why not pick the ones that did get a vote?: (299 pages)

Vote (>400 pages)


Chuck Schumer rejected it

He said it would be slower than the President who instituted the policy reversing course, that it would be difficult to get legislative agreement, and that Republicans would likely add other provisions to the bill - all of which turned out to be true.

JustIgnoreMe(3368) Clarified
1 point


A) The NRVC doesn't apply to all all traffic violations

B) The officer still has discretion

C) posting bond for a traffic violation is a much easier thing to do

D) the remaining states should probably join the NRVC - saying that bad laws exist is not an excuse for more bad laws.

Congress already put forth a bill to fix the problem but Chuck Schumer wouldn’t have it.


Take a look at the name of the first co-sponsor...:

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