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RSS JustIgnoreMe

Reward Points:3353
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As I said in my other post, double-action "could be said to be functionally equivalent" - the technical difference is that semi-auto performs everything necessary to fire again 'automatically' based on the energy from the previous shot - double-action does not (e.g. the hammer is not cocked). Therefore, double-action requires extra effort on the trigger-pull.

Except for several posts ago when I did just that...

'Semi-auto just means that a new cartridge is automatically loaded after each shot. It can generally fire as fast as you can pull the trigger.'

I gave the same amount of evidence you gave.

Do people not worship Zeus due to unbelief or a desire for Zeus not to exist?

No such thing as a semi-automatic

Are you one of those people that thinks that if you close your eyes people can't see you??

Ignoring the obvious doesn't make it go away.

Is a 6 shot revolver a semi-automatic ?

Single-action - no

Double-action - not technically, but could be said to be functionally equivalent

There are very few revolvers that are actually semi-automatic.

JustIgnoreMe(3353) Clarified
2 points

You can upload to and post the link.

You may want to add some type of copyright/watermark before uploading.

Wow - that's pretty ignorant, even for you.

"no such thing as a semi-automatic"

Yes there is -

I am only concerned with rational argument - if we are dealing with an irrational blind person, I would not expect rational argument to be persuasive.

the hunter you are the weapons you own are semi-automatic right

The main guns I use for hunting (and which are used most often) are pump shotguns for birds, and bolt-action rifles for larger game.

Neither are semi-automatic.

light, which he does not deny exists

Light is electromagnetic radiation - differential absorption of electromagnetic radiation is color.

The same material heating up more/less based on differential absorption of electromagnetic radiation is color that the blind person can feel.

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