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1 point

Hello Gay Con,

Poor little fella. You got nothing. No fella, I present numerous arguments which werenall in agreement

1 point

What is funny is that you present evolution as a fact and what you believe, thrn you only post what others believe. You dance around fact and theory, and accept their defense as a fact. A fact is a fact, it does not morph into another thing because evolutionist wish to claim it. When we ask for science evidence and fact, we are not asking for the opinions and defenses of scientist's. We want the studies, the scientific process and the peer review.

Evolution is mythology and not even a hypothesis. You are unaware of the origin. Evlltuionmuputh was revitalised in the 19th century to combat the spread of religion. Odd. But, where did it come from? Greek mythology. The Big Bang theory was proposed as an alternative the Genesis creation, but Greek atheist GOAT herders. Then they introduced speciation which was already forumjjkated in Greek mythology, centaurs, menataurs, mermaids, etc.

I bet you think that Columbus arrived in America in 1492. He did not. So, do you know why they teach that lie. Learn why they teach you lies and you will begin to understand the evolution lie

1 point

So, presents those facts, based on observation, repeatability, testing and verification. What aspect of evolution are you holding on to? Let's focus on two: a 14 billion year evolution process from nonliving matter like cosmic rocks to humans. Also, please provide evidence of one direct evolution processing of one species to another.

Are you a liberal Democrat ?.......I bet you think that a homosexual orientation exists too, since they said that it did over 1,000 times. When you finish with the evolution evidence then you can lresent the science behind homosexual orientation.

You see, you follow a blind secular religion, and you do so blindly.

1 point

Do you mean the evolutionary adaption of two ears to three, or two eyes to three, or arms to wings. Wait, that has never happened. No, you call God-given thinking evolution. You all are so desperate for evolution thst you call progress that has been fostered mostly by religious countries, your version of evolution.

1 point

Progess? England, Italy, Spain, France, India, and the United States, all have religious basis and all have progressed. Like the US, we started as a Christian nation and formed a Christian constitution, and now we are the most powerful nation ever known. A Chrisitan majority. Perhaps, the ignorance lies in the atheist nations who keep peddling backwards.

1 point

No, they believe that rocks and dirt suddenly had a conscious awareness and did not like be immovable so they consciously decided to spend billions of years evolving. Not their their sake, but so that the atheists might live today.

1 point

Sorry, but if the water is too hot, pour in some ice. Studies have shown that atheism is a mental illness. Nope, I said brain functionality impaired. Oh, so you think Chrisitan are supposed to accept yojr bike nonsense and you think that we should treat you like a child and just accept your rants and spewings.

Yeah, sorry, I forgot to make an unsubstantiated claim that the theory of evolution was a fact. Yeah, in fact, it is a theory but not even a scientific theory. The issue is your inability to debate evolution.

If you think you have learned this and studied evolution, thrn debate it without trying to insert some lame authority figures.

0 points

Nearly everyone? So, you think the minority whites in Europe are everyone. No, I am talking about the Christian origin of schools and hospitals in the U.S. The fact that Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Vanderbilt, Cambridge, Notre Dame, BUT, Oral Roberts and over 1,000 universities were founded by religious institutions.

1 point

I love how atheists claim that the theory of evolution is a fact , but then thry refuse to present any scientific facts that have been verfied, repeated and observed.

1 point

What makes you think a Christian should defend their religion? In fact, Christianity is quite different because it is an individual relationship. Funny, you atheists make this claim, but you all collectively and without fact to knowledge follow evolution.

The question is the factual basis of evolution, which you are clueless.

You beleive that humans evolved a 200 million year old Triassic rodentia, but you do not even know why.

You believe that the oldest four legged hiiman ancestor is the 500 million year old four legged worm.

You also believe that nonliving matter evolved into living matter.

You also beleive that evolve is going on now, but that it has stopped.

I do not believe that you have ever even read a science book. By the way, this debate is about evolution and not what is read in a Bible.

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