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1 point

Now I think I was a fool to start such a debate.Girls and Boys are to different sexes but when we come upon gender we actually refer to social status of men and women in different parts of world and talking about scientist in context to what their sex was,is disrespecting their works and it hinders their honor.Also making a universal statement for a community taking in respect of an individual is foolish and for that apologize for my previous arguments.

1 point

Yes I agree that India is world's fastest growing economics but still development can not only be calculated on the basis of infrastructural development but development of their citizens which are economically and socially backward and also the change in mindset of people and uplifting standards.What you are talking about is not wrong but is one side of the coin.Mumbai,Delhi,Kolkata are metropolitan cities which are highly developed comparing other cities.If you'll visit other cities like cities of Uttar Pradesh,Bihar you'll get to know INCREDIBLE INDIA

1 point

If I would have been given the job to make law,I would certainly make a RIGHT TO SUICIDE.If we have right to live then we should have a right to die but with a suicide note so if there is any criminal offense with the help of this right it can be avoided.Criminal Offense in a sense that if some one tortures and force some one to suicide it can be avoided.As from my side it should be a constitutional right.

1 point

Please be courteous enough.....and respect other's nation

1 point

Its not about govt. forcing Boys to play with barbie dolls and nor it is somewhere written in the constitution that barbie dolls are girlish toys;though it is mostly liked by girls.If a boy is willing to play or is attracted towards those toys its not a point to be ashamed of.Everyone has different interest and is allowed to pursue it.

Justiced(46) Clarified
1 point

Title is as clear as you are understanding

I mean the cost of products is high due to its brand or the quality

2 points

If we educate an idiot we are saving our country's progress.

But It depends If the idiot is able to be educated or he must be an ignorant because he do not deserve it.

1 point

Today's government can only blast atom bombs and destroy a country.Today's government is very selfish and only wants to make quick money.

-1 points

Girls are smarter than Boys as they are very intelligent.They understand problems.Girls are open minded person.They always help others whereas boys are fully vice versa.A girl can be a doctor and even an engineer.

0 points

Girls are smart.Girls always keep themselves clean.They work harder than boys.They are very intelligent.They always respect their elders and listen to them.They are very kind heated person.They always help everybody.So,I think girls are the best and smarter than boys.

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Winning Position: Boys
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