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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

We have had bacteria forever, and it never evolved.

Your science fiction is a story book. Believe as you like, but it has no basis. At all!

1 point

It's flat. Moonlandings are fake. And Nasa has artistic paintings of the world. Boats do not go down the horizon. A camera with a zoom shows ir.

2 points

Because the real God is interactive. And He confirms, validates, and shows tons of evidence and He reveals Himself in our understanding.

The Christian and Jewish faiths are based on a book that tells historic events that have occurred in history. Historic manuscripts for documented events. Often describing a series of events, that unfolded, in a specified order, significant in history as written before they occurred.

1 point

Link is broken .................................................................................

1 point

The unique dynamics of the God of the Bible.

Christians didn't just give their resources, they gave themselves. I've met many people giving their own dime and time to go to all kinds of things the Lord laid on their hearts.

Many formed networks and groups of people to reproduce their efforts into the areas the Lord laid then upon many hearts.

Not every church, but most. And some generations were stonger than others, I'm sure. But still, in every generation, many churches poured the works of their faith into the world.

And it's the model of most Christian churches everywhere. To be strong communities in like-minded bond of Jesus, to link arms, befriend, and to really care about people from every walk of life. And bring heavy hearted people hope, into every area of life.

Good luck getting the same degree of strength and diversity together in one likeminded communities, and with the same willingness of selflessness to the same degree of Christians, who's Lord and God is Jesus.

I wonder if we can birth that out of a self coddling people, who do not think other's rights have any value if it should cramp their own, even if it only costs them a little self control!

What then would be a catalyst to inspire these multitudes and denominations of atheist people to touch people in the same well rounded diversities, in the same strength, out to every area of despair and darkness, and with equal dedication, selflessness, love, and care of those who follow The One who is defined by dedication, selflessness, love, and care?

So by what method of utopia will this exponential growth of the world's darkness fill the footsteps of and the never ending pit left behind, to all those who would have been touched by hope of a friend that sticks closer than a brother. But now left untouched of His hand through His people of faith.

I wonder who will fill the gap left by all those who desperately and furiously wanted to stifle the voice of Christian truth and influence in the world?

Oh they have that answered! Survival of the fittest! It's chanted, and it is made solid . Many have adopted the thought process to some degree. It's a vine crawling up the walls, like all the other vines, growing quickly and engulfing all of society.

Where are replacement gifts to recompense all of those who are left without help, hope, and love of the works of Christian's that society is now putting out?

You may hit a few solid groups of people who are motivated to be kind and give of themselves. And if you find a glue that brings several people together there will be small dedicated groups of people on some specific designated outreachs.

And I commend those who do with or without religion! But look at the gap left behind.

1 point

"Accepted" as a fact does not make it a fact! ........

Its not possible and it did not happen. Its the most ridiculous theory to ever believe. Apply a little common sense and the theory unravels. So I can see why common sense is a rare application these days.

What first chicken or the egg, how was the egg fertilized?

How about brain or heart, what came first?

Common sense dude!

1 point

Evolution is an empty blind faith. one dna is unlikely and impossible. Many dna isnt likely! And is impossible to the extrem wxtreme degree!

1 point

There may have been a prior creation. There are enough proven that I'm solidly sure of God without needing this answered.

I'm open to find the answer, but I dont need this answered.

I have so much mounting evidence proving God and His Word, each coincidence I know of found in the Bible are each in itself against improbable odds, but many found and all against improbable odds, at some point it is all conclusive that God is alive and well, and that His Word is Authored and Signed by Him.

1 point

No it really isnt. Because biology is included and some wierd experinents can mutate genes usnt compelling proof for evolution. And minor adaptations is not evolution!

If anything, "gene mutations" go to proving the Bible, since one of Gods reasons for anger toward fallen angels was related to gene mutations, of fallen angels. Mutations with both humans and animals, breading unnatural horrible creatures.

Giants like Goliath and phillistines were currupted with unnatural offspring.

1 point

You think your theory is iron clad. But it is not.

Creation, beauty, order, and harmony in precision of incredable design, and kept within perfect balance, within margins that have little to no leeway to tilt either one way or the other, without creating conditions that would make life impossible to exist.

I can cosider that there was possibly a previous creation, or God put fossils into the earth for resources. But evolution is far fetched and didnt occurr. It takes more faith to believe in order out of chaos, and something out of nothing, that the logical conclusion of an intricate all powerful designer in whose image we are in conscience, in contemplative thought, in ability to learn and advance, and to build and also to create.

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About Me

"Married w/ 3 young adult girls and 1 granddaughter. Conservative w/moderate. Common Sense is a Value"

Biographical Information
Name: Kathy 
Gender: Female
Age: 0
Marital Status: Married
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other
Education: Some College

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