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RSS Kalamazoo

Reward Points:470
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Kalamazoo(470) Clarified
2 points

Very eloquently explained, yuk.

Of course these strange blighters will try to convince us all that their disorder is perfectly normal and that is what your rectum is for.

I'm never sure who is the daftest, the arse bandits who try to have us believe their nonsense or the idiots who accept their nonsense as true.

2 points

European scientists and scholars give the world most of what we all take for granted today.

In the past the gung ho politicians of the major military powers, especially Germany, caused death and destruction on a hitherto unprecedented colossal scale.

Then just as most of the European warring nations were successfully uniting under the political umbrella of the European Union they somehow SCREWED it up again with the suicidal policy of encouraging millions of immigrants to swamp Europe causing cracks to appear in the unity of most of the E.U, member states.

The biggest contributory factor leading to Brexit was the unregulated immigration policy which the U.K., had, and still does have to follow under E.U, legislation.

The 'open border' policy was the last straw for the majority of Brits who were sickened at how these ill thought policies overwhelmed their health service, schools and drained the welfare system.

The war of words has already started and is growing in ferocity.

The arch villain in this worsening European political crisis is once again:- GERMANY in the form of MAD MERKEL.

Kalamazoo(470) Clarified
1 point

God helps those who help themselves.

If you want to make big dosh, start up a religion in a small church with enormous collection plates.

1 point

Now there's an idea, a real 'light bulb' moment.

I'll bet your post is undergoing a feasibility study by the C.I.A. at this very moment.

1 point

Top management is all about delegation.

A good managing director should, through proper and shrewd devolvement of specific functions, be able to work himself out of a job within 12 months while still keeping control of the direction of the company.

Running a country with the aid of so many capable heads of department must have similar principles.

5 points

Angela Merkel swamped Germany with one million Muslims in 2016 alone and continues to keep the gates open and expects all other E,U, member states to do the same.

Countries like Hungary and Poland that resist German pressure to accept Muslim immigrants have been warned by Merkel;- 've have vays of making you take'.

Merkel's madness is founded on the certainty that she will never be raped by any sane and sighted Muslim.

1 point

When a statement is proven wrong it's author always resorts to one of two qualifying rationalizations in a futile attempt to edit their original assertion.

1) My statement was taken out of context.

2) The text, or in the case of the Biblical scriptures of the Old Testaments;- '' THOSE WORDS AREN'T TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY''

Then I ask, why to hell make such words?

It is true that a circle is not a square.

Can you explain to me how that is not an absolute truth?

I repeat;- If you claim your statement;- ''NOTHING IS TRUE'' to be true then you have made a self contradictory statement and you need to recognise this and not try to waffle your way out of your misworded assertion.

Many assumptions need to be challenged and the difference between relative and absolute truth explained but such topics are separate issues and do not detract from the inappropriate use of words in the title of your thread.

Kalamazoo(470) Clarified
3 points

Bloody well said there old boy.

The loonie left have an irrational aversion to reality.

1 point

Rather than going back to nature most civilized people would prefer to go back to their hotel suites.

I mean, the flies, the snakes, the man eating carnivores and those dreadful Bongo villages with their open sewers and disease, ahh.

0 points

''HAVE TO'' is a great master.

Our hard-wired survival instincts would kick in if we found ourselves having to endure the harshness of the wild.

If the Bongos with their primitive brains can get by, then we whites with our superior intellect, self reliance and innovative characteristics would find it comparatively easy.

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