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RSS Kalamazoo

Reward Points:507
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Kalamazoo(507) Clarified
2 points

Please forgive the intrusion here Evil-Kin but may I respectfully suggest that you don't let the site's official loony left provocateur goad you into making any statement which could be interpreted as a physical threat to the person.

Such cyber hero's are 100% cowards and failures in real life and only use the anonymity of the internet to spout their juvenile venom at anyone who presents themselves as a target.

'' All dogs bark loudly in their own yard''.

2 points

To be sung to the tune of ;- 'The Shrimp Boats'

Oh the Bongos is a-comin,

they're ready to fight,

The Bongos is a-comin,

there'll be rioting tonight,

Why don't cha-hurry, hurry, hurry home

Why don't cha-hurry,hurry,hurry home,

Look here! the Bongos is a-comin

There's burning tonight.

2 points

Read the first sentence of your own post, you illiterate shithead.

Lack of punctuation and a missing ''do''.

2 points

Self reliance, enterprise, innovation and hard work seem to be congenital characteristics of most Asians.

People with these personal attributes will invariably prosper in the type of free/private economy which exists in the United States and indeed most western democracies.

The whingers and hangers on will spend most of their lifetime trying to drag themselves up from the gutter. Usually unsuccessfully and blaming everyone but themselves for their self imposed plight.

3 points

There is absolutely no indication nor suggestion that this insensitive left wing anti President Trump narcissistic bimbo was jesting.



Her comments appear to have been embellished by Fox News but her heartless jibe of ''the hurricanes that have been swirling around north America ARE CONNECTED TO TRUMP', is the mindless and uncaring utterance of a degenerate.

If the left wing's attempts to dismiss her outrageous and pitiless quip as a form of wit was true ( which it wasn't) her behaviour becomes even more contemptible as I'm sure the victims of the hurricanes wouldn't see the joke.

So, you stinking piece of left wing chicken shit, you think her comment can be vindicated provided it can be proven 'SHE WAS ONLY JOKING'

4 points

The North Korean crisis is what happens when Obama's fantasy meets brutal reality.

2 points

You are a shameless purveyor of evasive dishonesty and deceit.

Off you go liar, run rabbit, run rabbit run run run.

2 points

You are still the confused paranoid fool you always were.

The word nigger did not, and still does not, (I checked it), appear in the thread's opening headline.

Absolutely under no circumstances does it appear.

It may have, and probably was included in the text of one of your rants, but not in the topic's streamer headline.

If you can see the word nigger in the banner of the thread then you are most definitely delusional and as Antrim points out, in his cruel way, obsessed with racism, niggers and all things which promote racial strife.

2 points

You're clearly nothing more than a resentful fool who has either never been in business or, as is more likely, been a total business failure.

Your fictitious and repetitious claims about tax codes with it's 4.wide and 3'10'' is total nonsense straight out of the 'Communism Today' magazine.

All businesses must 'evolve' or die.

Manufacturers in particular must allocate a significant portion of their profits towards research and development in order to keep pace with, or, ideally one step ahead of the competition.

The relentless battle to keep overheads under control and to find ways to reduce the retail price of your product while not compromising quality are the departments in which a Company's best brains are employed.

The outstanding American industrialist Henry Ford was a master at this and the Germans domination of the top automobile marques is a classic example of how innovative capitalism totally eclipses the inertia of the outdated marketing and manufacturing techniques of socialist/communist nations.

A graphic illustration of how the capitalist system of a free/private economy market is vastly superior to your cockeyed ideas is in the old divided Germany where the thriving economy of Western Germany with, for instance it's Mercedes, B.M.W's, Audi's and Volkswagens outshone the backfiring smokey bangers of Eastern Germany.

1 point

Careful there, falsely claiming to be a Jew could be dangerous.

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