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RSS Kalamazoo

Reward Points:488
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Kalamazoo(488) Clarified
2 points

Bloody well said there old boy.

The loonie left have an irrational aversion to reality.

1 point

Rather than going back to nature most civilized people would prefer to go back to their hotel suites.

I mean, the flies, the snakes, the man eating carnivores and those dreadful Bongo villages with their open sewers and disease, ahh.

0 points

''HAVE TO'' is a great master.

Our hard-wired survival instincts would kick in if we found ourselves having to endure the harshness of the wild.

If the Bongos with their primitive brains can get by, then we whites with our superior intellect, self reliance and innovative characteristics would find it comparatively easy.

Kalamazoo(488) Clarified
1 point

Would other contraceptives provide better protection from being knocked down by a motorized vehicle?

Kalamazoo(488) Clarified
1 point

Wearing a condom doesn't guarantee safety.

A friend of mine was wearing one and got knocked down by bus.

Kalamazoo(488) Clarified
1 point

Nothing wrong with you that a few aphids wouldn't cure.


0 points

To have the ability to time travel, both back to the past and forward into the future.

Having this power would provide opportunities to fulfill 100s of wishes, not only the remaining two.

1 point

Those who have a lot to be modest about should cover up well.

In extreme cases, those to whom I refer to as ''two baggers'' (women who are so ugly that they should wear two bags over their head and face in case one falls off, as, apparently is the case with Muslim women) they should cover themselves with a head to toe body masking garment such as the hijab, as once again we see with Muslim women.

Normal women like to be 'looked at admiringly', NOT OGLED AT, so they should dress accordingly,( as most do) and men like to look at attractive women.

In various forms this custom and practise has been going on since the dawn of time.

1 point

I am of the opinion that the death penalty helps to reduce the likelihood of murder within an act of criminality.

By that I mean those criminals who plot a felony which could involve violence would try to plan their scheme in a way to eliminate, or at least minimize the risk of murdering someone, as such an event could, and probably would lead to their own execution.

I'm sure the thought of oneself being administered a lethal injection would be a great deterrent to a lot of criminals and deter many more from perpetrating crimes of violence.

The fact that the 'witches brew' of lethal chemicals may not always act as rapidly nor effectively as desired may in itself add to the deterrent value of the death penalty as the mental image of oneself writhing and convulsing in agony would tend to be a further disincentive to commit a crime with involves the potential of murder.

Kalamazoo(488) Clarified
4 points

Ireland, the land of Saints and Scholars.

It was the Irish Monks who meticulously maintained accurate records of most of the pre-dark ages learning who provided the knowledge and text books which made the Renaissance possible.

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Protestant
Education: College Grad

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