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RSS LakerBoyz248

Reward Points:11
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Mhm... MOST women don't receive an equal paycheck to men, man... seems like there are a lot of dumb people in this debate that think that's right.

2 points

What harm are they doing to anyone if they're peaceful? As long as they aren't trespassing, vandalizing, or harassing anybody (which is pretty much what a peaceful protest is NOT), they're good. 1st Amendment protecting these kind of people.

Oh my gosh... I DID NOT realize how messed up this was gonna be when I clicked on it... I'm out...

Basketball for life! Some are gonna find it boring, others are gonna find it to be the most exciting and hyped thing in the world (like meh), I like Football too though, don't sleep on my Cowboys.

How can we think of it as anything more than a fantasy? You need proof to prove that it's not... you have none, unless you count the bible.

Big Bang*, actually... but I'm just sayin, nobody start hating on me.

Most MVPs (actually, all MVPs in the past) have had their team also be at least third seed in their conference. Russell Westbrook's not getting his team anywhere close to that (and it doesn't really seem like he's trying to put his team in a very good position to win a ring or get anywhere in the playoffs, just filling up the stat sheet). Harden is an effective player because he can score AND pass when needed, but Russell only scores and will hand the ball of to the center if things go bad.

Winning Position: James Harden

About Me

"Gonna be a sports analyst after I retire from the WNBA as a Hall of Famer... LAKERS FO LIFE YA'LLLLL"

Biographical Information
Gender: Girl
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Agnostic

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