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RSS Larapinta

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Did you know that there are different sizes and colors of trophies?

Large meaning well done, small meaning good try/effort.

Also, if you put it your way, why have silver and bronze medals? They didn't win, they don't deserve one, do they? They failed.

Your statement is flawed.

1 point

It may seem that way, however, you are extremely wrong. We do worship the ONE God- I couldn't agree more, and so do Jews by the way, and many other religions.

Conversely, moving forward to say that the followers of Christianity and Islam are alike historically and presently would be disgusting.

May I take your blind mind back to the 11th of September, 2001. I've never seen ANY Christian society tolerate for its people to do such a thing. Also, this wasn't the first time, there is an endless history of Islamic terrorism. If you would like proof, take a look at

I agree with the statement : Muslim aren't Christian how do you compare them together when they are at complete opposition to each other?

It is true in a way, however, there are some flaws. For example, we both do believe in a heaven and a hell.

Is the world a better place without Christians?

In my opinion, HELL NO! In fact, Christians make up the better places of the world. We share our light, we respect each other, we believe in freedom, justice and equality.

Without Christianity, I doubt that there would be such a great amount of entrepreneurs.

The world would lack in belief. It would lack in a logical faith.

Take a look at the top ten richest people on this Earth, then reconsider the question.

I am ready for any rebuttals. Since I'm new here, it would be a delight.

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Biographical Information
Name: Larapinta 
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: Australia

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