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From an objective standpoint. These substances should be treated just as any other, meaning they should be legalized but also restrained in certain situations. Obviously you don't want people driving around tripping balls, but you don't want them drunk or high either... I can personally attest that in my lifetime of witnessing people who use substances, one can conclude that it isn't the substance that draws the negative effect but more of the person... Someone who regularly lies to themselves and hides their problems will flip out if they take Psilocybin Cubensis, it basically takes a magnifying glass to your unconscious "hidden" mind. All your previous thoughts and mood entirely play in to the persons experience. It's all about set and setting. Anyways, back to the objective standpoint. They are natural "God-given" plants from the earth and should never be restrained from residential use. You can't protect a person from themselves. The war on drugs is a complete hypocritical fail. Death to prohibition and the Federal Reserve... "It will be found an unjust and unwise jealousy to deprive a man of his natural liberty upon the supposition he may abuse it.” - George Washington

2 points

This is sort of a broad question in a sense of indirect specification, anyhow, here we go! When assessing human behavior one must use a objective/subjective filter of observation and study its origin. People achieve emotional gratification from both ends of the spectrum, depending on the person of course (Compassion vs Callousness). Most people want to think it's possible to live in a perfect world in which everyone gets along and lives together peacefully. However, this problem has plagued man since the beginning of time. The answer to question is very simple. So long as man values power over love, we will always have suffering and violence in the world. So long as revenge triumphs forgiveness, you'll see a continuation of the wars that have been fought for centuries if not aeon's... The problem is that human behavior typically is a continuation of previous exposure. When you see abusive behavior in a household, typically this usually goes unchecked and once the children are older they themselves raise their children the way they were raised. Obviously some are able to recognize they were raised in a flawed manner but the same can't be said for the majority. So when a group of young African rebels are handed AK-47's at a young age and told to go into a village slaying anything and everything in sight. This becomes a part of who they are and how they perceive the world. If the child rejects the task they'll simply be shot in the head and the rifle will be handed to someone else. The only way to get these people who inflict suffering back to a right vs wrong perspective most competent civil beings possess. Would be a long drawn out intervention and the hopefulness of their participation. The power of perspective is THE GREATEST TOOL known to man. If you can put yourself or anyone else in the shoes of another person. They can instantly understand a plethora of complex ideas even if they've never been previously introduced. All it takes is trying to relate to these people and showing you care. Compassion and selflessness overrides all emotion. Be the change you wish to see in the world...

1 point

I'm going to have to go with Goku... The spirit bomb and SS power levels are far too vast for someone of superman's league. This wouldn't even be close. Goku by a LONGGGG shot.

1 point

The answer is interdependently based on the persons perception and ability to reason. We can sit here and argue all day about Religious law vs Reason but unfortunately it won't do us any damn good. It's quite simple really. One group of people wants to subjectively state that homosexuals are inferior to the rest of the population whereas those of us who use reason don't really see what the problem is? The beautiful thing about America (What it was supposed to be) and being free, is that we can all believe in whatever we want and do whatever we want so long as it doesn't harm anyone else. "Gay's spread HIV and STD's." Ok, don't have sex with a gay person? Is this really that hard? You can't run around trying to police the country and world into your own belief's. That's exactly how and why America originated. Just look at it from an objective standpoint (Religious views aside). There's this person in front of me who loves another person of the same gender. That is THEIR preference. Those looks of disgust and portrayal you elicit when witnessing this are nothing more than IGNORANT predisposed actions all based off assumed culture and belief. This is a human being just like you and me. They simply want rights and to be treated as any other citizen. Why is it people think if gay marriage is legal, suddenly gays everywhere will ignore every other civil law and begin having massive flamboyant orgies through the streets of every city. I mean seriously!!! People who are against act as if legalization will spark the end of the space time continuum. All I ask is that EVERYONE will occasionally leave their own perspective and look into the lives of others as they would themselves. Freedom, Peace, and understanding to all. God bless

1 point

I don't care what anyone says about Communism, Marxism, or any other kind of Socialist system. Karl Marx had a good idea as far as a base of understanding for a Socialist society, however I do not think that this type of system could be implemented into our capitalist society today. Marx common phrase “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs” actually sounds somewhat appealing, however, we live in a current society that would take advantage of such an idea. People would begin having many more “needs” and much less “ability,” which wouldn't fix anything in the long run. Communism is nothing more than disguised tyranny. Redistribution and "sharing" of wealth completely eliminates the incentive to do anything worthwhile. Not to mention a Communist system is generally one which brainwashes all of it's civilians into actually believing its for their own good. Anytime the government is given that much power you will see an inevitable fail from either the economy or the people will eventually overthrow their pathetic leaders whom they think is acting out of their best interest. I think arguing Capitalism vs Communism is sort of a broad range for argument seeing as both ideologies are interconnected to so many others. The pendulum generally swings in two different directions. One side is of freedom, independence, and backbone regulation (Don't kill, commit fraud, ect). The other side is a complete totalitarian authority (Communist dictatorship). We control everything because you're too inferior to know for your own good. Communism might be a more efficient system in times of hardship but it's only because everyone is basically sacrificing their existence to co-exist... We aren't even experiencing ACTUAL Capitalism in the USA today. People think and call this Capitalism but it's nothing more than a generic off brand, more like corporatism. The kicker with a Communist system is that it tries to say its "Egalitarian" yet the majority of the population suffer in poverty while the small minuscule elite parade around and enjoy vast amounts of wealth for themselves. This is why ANY and ALL Communist/Socialist systems are nothing more than disguised tyranny...

1 point

Philosophy is knowing that science is nothing more than well calculated beliefs... It's used in unison with science to help more accurately calculate theories. Philosophy is wisdom and deep introspection. There's a HUGE difference between Intelligence and Wisdom... I just witnessed a person opposing Philosophy state it's "a bunch of old guys arguing and is pointless, get a life"... This is probably the most preposterous irrational statement i've ever seen. Philosophy places a very large emphases on perspective. It free's the mind of all predispositions and beliefs. It's the wisdom to break free from the constrains society has programmed into you since birth. Perception is EVERYTHING. If you venture throughout the world assuming you know everything you will time and time again miss vast amounts of knowledge and understanding that goes on right in front of you.

"All I know is I know nothing" -Socrates. This one quote demonstrates that all we as humans "know" is what has been left for us to decipher through and what we've witnessed throughout the course of our daily lives. The closer you get to reality (Philosophical enlightenment) the more you'll begin to see objects, places, people, and things for what it really is and not just how you've been taught to perceive it. There is no greater feeling than unleashing the chains of consciousness. This freedom will show you that your life is no more important than your fellow man. Philosophy is the tool to breaking free from the assumed cold and wretched perspective of man.

Philosophy = Wisdom, Insight, and Perspective

Wisdom, Insight, & Perspective = Expanded consciousness focused on solely reality itself

1 point

You obviously aren't aware of the GREATEST enemy to any world paper currency, Inflation... Everything you just stated is correct and would work in the short term. However, A Keynesian system is basically interdependently built on the premise of unlimited resources. Spend, Spend, Spend... A monetary policy built on spending leads to illegitimate investment and a waste of resources. Simply spending money doesn't do much of anything other than waste citizens tax dollars. It must be a WORTHWHILE investment. You tried using the premise that just because we used a stimulus in WWII and we recovered that stimulus plans are of legitimate validity. Sorry, but that's not how calculated reason works... If you look at stimulus activities throughout the course of the decade and history for that matter you'll see it's continuously failed and has only caused inflation and deeper setbacks. I'd finish by ranting on how much I despise socialism and the rest of the Keynesian regulatory policies but unfortunately I have a life... Peace and freedom to all!!!

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