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RSS Leafyishere

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1 point

I was the kid who smoked reefer with the jamaican kids and listened to reggae then smoked a hookah full of hashish with the muslim kids and prayed to allah then snorted snow flakes with the LGBT kids and made out with transgenders in class because I'm totally not gay.

1 point


1 point

English indian are horrible, try hard to speak like indian accent. Americans can't even speak english properly, america has butchered the english language. Imagine you dumb fucks trying to speak indian or any other language for that matter, americans can't pronounce ANYTHING right so why should other people be expected to speak your dumb americanized english?

1 point

Some where out there there's a Satanist illuminati sick fuck jerking off to that pic. I guarantee it.

1 point

Leafy can settle this.

number 1: Muslims are often crazy and violent and their religion inherently sucks.

2: There are technically no laws that explicitly mandate the killing of gays in muslim countries that I know of but that type of behavior is strongly encouraged by the framework of sharia law and the Qur'an directly condemns homosexuals such as Bronto.

3:Nomenclature isn't quantum and neither am I, you've been sniffing too many quantum opium particles.

4: Not everything is black and white, not everything looks like my big black cock while it's dripping with semen. Woah holy shit I need a fucking psyche evaluation, Jesus Christ what in the actual fuck did I just say? but anyway yeah, not all liberals support antifa and not all muslims are jihadis and not all accounts are quantumhead and not all liberals are anti constitution, and at the end of the day liberals and conservatives are both just brainwashed when you think about it. As soon as you start identifying yourself as one or the other you doom yourself to narrow mindedness and bias.

1 point

Holy fucking shit dude I think I would feel guilty either way, I just don't even know what the hell I would do...OMFG I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT FUCKING SOLAR SYSTEM I'M IN FUCK ME WITH A FUCKING DURIAN FRUIT DFGDZGSDGSRGGRGAERA Yeah but no it's actually a pretty obvious decision if it's just a bunch of random people, of course by default you should save as many as possible.

1 point

Fuck you too God, I hope you get dry humped by a fucking walrus that's so fat you catch it's diabetes like it's a fucking STD. Fuck you, you cosmic cum dumpster.

1 point

Come on dude you can't just knock the power of love or extentionality or whatever you wanna call it. You're just over thinking it if you ask me, I think love is totally gay but still man you're just being overly analytical about a feeling of attraction or care for something.

1 point

It's probably for the best that you don't think I'm the real Leafy because knowing my life someone is going to use this site to track me down and finger my butt hole or something.

1 point

Okay that makes sense but one thing I don't understand is the neo-conservatism part, because jews at least in america tend to be liberals especially rich jews and I'm not actually sure about the politics of Israel itself.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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