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The left doesn't have objective positions. They decide their positions based on what the right says. Then they automatically take the opposite position regardless of logic or what it does to the country.

Mussolini or Nom?

The Fascist State directs and controls the entrepreneurs, whether it be in our fisheries or in our heavy industry in theVal d'Aosta. There the State actually owns the mines and carries on transport, for the railways are state property. So are many of the factories… We term it state intervention… If anything fails to work properly, the State intervenes. The capitalists will go on doing what they are told, down to the very end. They have no option and cannot put up any fight. Capital is not God; it is only a means to an end.

As quoted in Talks with Mussolini, Emil Ludwig, Boston, MA, Little, Brown and Company (1933), pp. 153-154, Interview took place between March 23 and April 4, 1932

Mussolini or Nom?

It was inevitable that I should become a Socialist ultra, a Blanquist, indeed a communist. I carried about a medallion with Marx’s head on it in my pocket. I think I regarded it as a sort of talisman… [Marx] had a profound critical intelligence and was in some sense even a prophet.

As quoted in Talks with Mussolini , Emil Ludwig, Boston, MA, Little, Brown and Company (1933) p. 38. Interview between March 23 and April 4, 1932, at the Palazzo di Venezia in Rome [1

Mussolini or Nom?

God does not exist—religion in science is an absurdity, in practice an immorality and in men a disease.

“Religion: Benito a Christian?” Time magazine (Aug. 25, 1924)

Mussolini or Nom?

For us the national flag is a rag to be planted on a dunghill. There are only two fatherlands in the world: that of the exploited and that of the exploiters.

La Lotta di Classe (1910), while a socialist, paraphrasing French socialist Gustave Hervé, quoted in Mussolini in the Making (1938) by Gaudens Megaro

You say all the things that Mussolini, the creator of Fascism said.

He's a left wing Alinskyite. Everyone knows what's going on.

It also looks like that word falls easily off of your tongue as well.

There's also a difference between using a word blacks use all the time and a Democrat lyncher ready in a moment's notice to string up Ben Carson and Candice Owens for getting off the farm.

Everybody knows that white libs call conservative blacks the n word. It's common knowledge.




"Saying things"???? All congress is doing is "saying things".

It's proven that the IRS, the NSA, and intelligence agencies were weaponized by Trump's political opposition.

When Trump was "saying things" about Obama's birth certificate, it wasn't merely to insult him. It was to VANQUISH him..

Saying words and weaponizing the IRS, intelligence agencies, and the NSA against your political opposition are not equal or similar.

So, WHY shouldn't the Democrats "say things" that'll VANQUISH Trump? Payback IS a bitch.

Obama didn't just say things. He weaponized the U.S. institutions like he was the KGB. Let us not pretend here like he only went after Trump. Dinesh Dsouza made a movie. He was swept up to jail. Franklin Graham critisized him. He was targeted by the IRS. Reporters critisized him. They were followed, surveilled, and prosecuted.

Looking back, he would have went after Trump regardless, just like he did everybody else, and we know he was. Strzok told us he (Obama), was controlling them, and we know what was being said back and forth by those Obama was controlling.

Supporting Evidence: Reporters targeted by Obama administration (

The dow hit 25,000 over a year ago.. That it hit it again, is NOT good news.. Plus, it hit it again, two weeks ago.. That it went up 169.53 points in two weeks isn't good news either..

Why? That's 7,000 points higher than when Trump was elected. Where would it be if Hillary had won? Why do you have to reset records to be a success, when no one else can even get to those records in the first place? Lol

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