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RSS LizardKahn

Reward Points:47
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2 points

It looks like the point is that you didn't call it nazi death camps, even though it was worse, and you called family seperations nazi death camps only because it's Trump, which is why every sane person rolls their eyes and ignores libs.

LizardKahn(47) Clarified
0 points

Walls do work. A few will find a way over. The rest will not. That means it did its job. If they don't work, why did libs in the past fund fences? A woman with kids is going to get over the wall how?

This is simple.. I'd rather they cross at a SAFE crossing rather than risk their lives getting funneled

Funneled mean forced to go to a legal point of entry.

1 point

Ten are, and one isn't. We have the right to block the ten that are.

1 point

The guy kept voting with the Democrats, going on CNN trashing Republicans, and then got a job with a lib network. Not exactly rocket science.

I listened to conservative hosts predicting him getting a job like this well before Trump.

1 point

No. So why aren't you volunteering them your house and property?

2 points

He has lied about health care. He has lied about tax cuts.

No examples. What a surprise.

1 point

No you're not you lying fundamentalist Jew idiot.

God you're a moron.

Nah nah nah! Youz don't has you own means of the production ins capitalism! 2013/living-lonely/assets/sections/part 3/galleryzach/lonely3zach02_sm.jpg

1 point

Try to understand that time is not a snapshot. It's a rolling video which you don't have the right to arbitrarily pause.

The entire Middle East and North Africa have slaughtered gays and minorities for 1,400 years. Is that slow rolling over time enough for you?

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