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RSS Logicalend2e

Reward Points:36
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2 points

God is Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Copernicus, Galileo, Newton, Ptolemy, Tesla, Einstein, Hubble, Heisenberg, Da' Vinci, Edison....all the individuals that added upon our shared knowledge of the working universe. All the while questioning the accepted beliefs and starring persecution/death in the eyes because of their unyielding faith in human evolution through thought, questioning everything that they were taught as being the norm.

2 points

Sumerian civilization by far is the greatest epoch of advancement when considering ancient hot spots. They not only created language and writing but all of the gods that are followed to this day. Babylonians to Egyptians to Greeks and Romans deities can be traced back to this singular society...not to mention that they created and harnessed the wheel, irrigation, aqueducts, thermal springs, all the while joining together over 100,000 individuals in a centralized city. They are the reason why we stopped being nomadic and actively worked to coexist.

umm... what you are describing is the Higgs/God particle giving weight to sub atomic particles...and how helium and hydrogen condensed into heaver elements, is simple and has been reproduced infinitely many times in the real, real bore me....please move [email protected]

we are all stardust,,,,helium gas,,,gathers together,,,forms a large sphere of that gas,,then it collapses in upon its self,,,forming ever more intricate compounds....

2 points

Please explain how there are infants that have never heard Mozart, yet can play his 7th symphony, or lets regress into simple mammalian creatures that have the 6th sense in their ability to find breeding grounds 3,000 miles away. Look up the concept of an universal knowledge/akashic field, that allows previous thought/knowledge to pass seamlessly through all living,self aware,...hell star dust configurations...enjoy!

2 points

Know thy self, is to know, that all things must and should be debated, until there is only one logical explanation.

Yes.....all individuals should have the ability to form groups, these groups form collective voting rights. Unions have only been good to the advancement of society because the forgotten man, who never spoke, finds himself with a voice. !!

Die trying to save the ten other men and you will only face this challenge once but everyone that hears of your bravery will make sure you live on in infamy.

2 points

The big bang only explains where the original energy came from, M theory explains how that energy expands between two opposing filaments but where are those membranes housed?? Hence Chicken or the Egg!!

For all the religious folk out there, in heaven wouldn't you be able to see the past, present and future once connected to god. Hence you would witness your funeral!

Winning Position: Chicken

About Me

"U must doubt all things if you want to have a chance in seeing the beauty of truth...."

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Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Republican
Country: United States

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