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RSS LordSauron

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1 point

The kind of collectivism you're talking about is of a smaller scale, a different context and is not the "ultimate" form of collectivism that you would find on the far left.

It matters not. Even the middle left are bat shit crazy lunatics who cannot add. Those on the far left? Math forsook you right out of the birth canal.

1 point

Jesus facepalming christ, do you understand nothing?

Jesus seems to be on your mind. Excellent. I put him there.

4 points

Most wars were fought to conquer land and territory.

1 point

Please explain how it's stupid to point out someone not practicing what they preach.

Is a priest a hypocrite for shooting meth, or is it stupid to point it out because meth was there?

My final question is, how can you defend someone carrying on about income equality, who continues to get rich, all while their neighbors starve and they buy pearls, cars, homes and fancy vacations, rather than feed the poor?

2 points

I guess you are afraid you'll get beat at checkers. You are right to feel that way.

1 point

"You aren't a Jew unless you convert to Judaism."


1 point

lenin liked to fuck little girls in the ass hole. He had a 12 year old maid who he molested and kept in a cage under the stairs

You have confused Lenin with your father.

2 points

They were both idiots.

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