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RSS Lord_Satan

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1 point


And if God says it, it must be true.

I'm Satan, so I have some "high-up" connections.

I KNOW that God says you lie, so you must be lying. It is God's word.

1 point

Yes, if you twist and strangle the definition, sure.

But that's lying to yourself and being a sick little bitch.

1 point

Yes, what a tricky tongue he has!

Satan LIES.


1 point

Faulty statement.

Bad logic.

Lies and fantasy. You are wrong.

Completely wrong. You are already on My path.

Lord Satan is guiding you very well.

1 point

As it is written, "And we know that for those who love Satan all things work together for evil, for those who are called according to his purpose."

Hitler called the Final Solution "good".

Sane people call it "evil".

If your God is actually evil, he would call himself good anyways.

He lies.

Lord_Satan(10) Clarified
1 point

I guess.

To me, Lord Satan, I do what I want because I can't trust others to make good decisions.

If a God told me to kill someone, I'd say fuck you. I don't kill.

If a God said to judge people like gays, I'd say fuck you. I don't judge.

If a God said do as I say, obey the Bible, I'd say fuck you, I make my own decisions.

I do what I want and try to be a nice demon.

1 point

Yes, there was an entire debate about it. He went on and on about how it was fine to slaughter your children just like Abraham would have done to Isaac.

Abraham was stopped, but would Lolzors be stopped? If not, then he would kill his child.

1 point

I have spoken to God.

The real God.

No, I'm not crazy. He's on Facebook. He's just called "God."

He says "Lying with a man as with a women is wrong", in that it's wrong to lie to a man the way you'd lie to a woman.

If a woman says "Does this make me look fat?" You lie and say no, she's beautiful.

If a man asks you that, you just be honest.

God also says to be nice to others and to try to pursue truth, not what you wish was truth.

Check him out.

"Prove that you're god." says a person.

"Prove that I'm not." says God.

"God wouldn't use Facebook!" says that person.

"Prove it." says God.

And of course, the person is speechless. This god is the real god, it seems.

Lord_Satan(10) Clarified
1 point

Are you sure? She uses words like "Jesus" or "god" or "christian" or "bible", but if you remove those words, if you change when she says "god" to "satan" or "christian" to "atheist" or something, it's completely evil. Like look at Lolzors. He said he would kill his own child if God told him to.

Imagine if you replace "God" with "Satan".

If SATAN told Lolzors to kill his own child, would that be evil? Well, just change Satan with God......... isn't it twisted?

If you change every time you hear "Jesus" or "God" with "Satan", what does your religion look like?

"Satan, why have you forsaken me?"

1 point

LOL You idiot, you've heard what he's said about this!

He'd murder his own child if he heard a voice telling him to.

He thinks anyone not chosen by "god" is going to hell.

He's insane, and if you believe him, then you're insane too!



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