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RSS LotusSnot

Reward Points:43
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

What isn't their fault? Cutting in line and demanding a room in someone else's house in front of someone who knocked and asked for a room in the house?

2 points

Cutting in line in front of future legal migrants who knocked on the door is evil. We don't reward evil.

1 point

Nom offered me a pickle, and I don't mean one from a jar.

1 point

We asked that about Obama.

Panders to a homophobic, misogynystic death cult? That didn't do it.

Was raised in a foreign country that is predominantly a homophobic death cult? That didn't do it.

Gave Iran 150 billion dollars? Nope.

IRS targetting controversy? Nope.

XKeyscore? Nope.

Fast and Furious? Nope.

Solyndra controversy? Nope.

Veterans Health Administration scandal of 2014? Nope.

Punished people for no insurance? Nope.

Informant on incoming administration? Nope.

Was accused of ilegally spying on Americans by Snowden of the NSA? Nope.

Unleashed ISIS hoardes? Nope.

Dropped more bombs than all post ww2 Presidents combined? Nope.

Protected Hezbollah from intelligence agencies? Nope.

Filled his cabinet with Communists and Muslim Brotherhood members? Nope.

Dropped the ball hard on Benghazi? Nope.

Ignored Dennis Rodman's mediation to try and get peace talks with North Korea? Nope.

Used the FBI as a Stalinist weapon against the opposition party's candidate for President? Nope. Nope. Nope.

And guess what. Trump has done nothing like any of that.

1 point

The Democrats and Islam are in the same Stalinist boat paddling along together. I wonder how much the devil paid for Kerry's soul.

1 point

It's normal to go to Iran while not a part of the government anymore to undermine the current administration and your country? Get a rope.

0 points

There are no safe spaces. Only Zuul. Now I will unzip my pants and you will do my bidding. Open your mouth.

1 point

The Russian have claimed multiple times that the U.S. uses "weather weapons".

1 point

The left loves Nazism. That is why they practice it. Want Israel erased from the map? The left will gladly start up the ovens.

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