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1 point

Nah, just like spanking kids, kids won't learn anything from it , they will only fear their parents but learn no morality. you see, even imprisonment won't teach inmates lesson, they will only fear the policemen but will not change from what they've done.

1 point

Why would you rather choose punishment rather than solving the problem? this two are different. You cannot produce any good result on punishment

1 point

What I'm referring is those who want to terminate death penalty but let's not focus on that. We shouldn't recognize killing as not killing or murder as not murder. Ye and vandalism is maybe always part of killing,In terms of philosophy ressurection after murder don't redo the murder. Haha sorry for insulting and I'm sincere trying to explain justice for the victim. Angelo did the selfish thing rightly for he killed no one and he did not violate human rights while those three men did the opposite. For all the victim's sake, Angelo didn't save anyone, he was just killed.

2 points

It has human parents, through sperm and egg cell they form a combined cell which is called a zygote that has two DNA of her dad and mom.

1 point

It is not because it has no consciousness, feet, arms, brain, organs, heart, movement, it is not born yet etc etc.

LoveU(270) Clarified
1 point

You stupid stupid woman Haha ouch

1 point

Still, its violent. Wars includes killing and hamful activities.i also don't think war passes the morality standard for it includes vengeance, wrath, greed, envy and pride. There's no peace and compassion at war.

1 point

""If the victim was impregnated by the rapist ,then go ahead kill the fetus, easy as that. The fetus don't have value anyway. "" is this what you want to hear ? I doubt it so become a pro life

1 point

Ehem. How bout you, do you care about the unborn baby? you both don't care on the views of each other so why bother to each other when no one from the two of you is open to change their mind, no one seeks the right, only on who is right.

1 point

Ah. I see, so you are really pro-choice who only validate the decision of the parents/mother. but sometimes, have you think that their decision is always right and cannot be wrong?

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