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RSS Mack

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1 point

"Creative thinking, invention, innovation etc. are not what you may think. The human mind cannot actually create an idea from scratch. In order to "create" you must combine or alter known concepts and elements. Human "creativity" works by making connections between things which are impressed upon the brain through our senses, in other words the brain needs input before it can make new neural connections and form ideas. Thought works through pattern recognition, you cannot create a new idea in a literal sense because all ideas come from external input."

Well yeah, that's what creativity/originality is. Putting things/ideas together in a way not previously thought of. You can create a new idea by putting things together in your mind just as an artist can create a new painting by putting paint on the canvas. Something can still be new even if its parts are old.

1 point

"what is constantly moving forward, constantly passing itself, and speeds up whenever you slow down?"

I don't think time fits that description. How does it "pass itself," and how does it speed up when you slow down (because I don't think that's what relativity states if that's how you meant it).

Mack(504) Clarified
1 point

"Damn, haven't you heard of general relativity you scientifically illiterate block head?"

Are you hinting it's something to do with relativity?

You said darkness was close, it's not something to do with black holes is it? I don't see how that would fit.

1 point

Is it something to do with a wave??????????????????????????????????????

1 point


2 points

Electric ( and maybe magnetic) fields, or electromagnetic force (and maybe weak and strong nuclear force)?

Is there anything that can move (or to be more accurate, accelerate in an inertial reference frame) without being forced?

1 point

It's not something like information is it? I'm still not sure how to define information, and I don't think it can travel faster than light. I'm guessing people are wrong to interpret this as a physics question?

Edit: In some ways information can travel faster than light, but I feel like it's not what you're getting at.

1 point

Homosexuality is being attracted to the same sex.

One's gender is not the same thing as one's sex, so if gender is a social construct, biological sex would still not be, so homosexuality could exist.

I don't see a contradiction in these two ideas. Whether either is true, I don't really know or care.

2 points

The claim that you can't know for sure about anything not going on inside of your mind seems plausible, but that you are the only existent thing requires too many assumptions and is not supported by any evidence as far as I know.

1 point

Somehow I don't think this is the place to be asking complex physics questions.

Any answer you get here will be bullshit, or the result of a quick google search (probably still bullshit). It's hardly likely that someone will give an answer worthy of a Nobel prize on

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""I didn't choose the nerd life; the nerd life chose me.""

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Country: New Zealand
Religion: Atheist
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