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RSS Mack

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Mack(254) Clarified
2 points

Let's define terms, because atheism and agnosticism aren't mutually exclusive.

(Note that when I use the word agnostic I am referring to somebody who says they don't know if God exists, rather than one who says it's not possible to know if God exists)

There are four common possibilities:

1. Gnostic theist: Believes there is a god(s), and is certain of this.

2. Agnostic theist: Believes there is a god(s), but is uncertain of this.

3. Gnostic atheist: Lacks belief in a god(s), and is certain there isn't one.

4. Agnostic atheist: Lacks belief in a god(s), but doesn't know for sure.

I get what you are saying, but this is only applicable to number 3, not 4, which most atheists are.

1 point

"If you want to call purposeful irresponsible choices as being economics 101, then you are describing man's total self love stupidity."

Yes, that's economics 101. All I said was that the value they put on things changes over time. That's an indisputable fact, regardless of whether God wants it to happen, or whatever you were trying to say. If I misunderstood your argument, I blame you.

1 point

"Even an eternal had to start somewhere, so where and how? Or maybe my thought process is a bit more simplistic, I can't conceive of something not starting someplace even if it's eternal."

Well, I think the whole point of being eternal is that you don't have to start somewhere, but it is hard, maybe even impossible, for any of us to understand fully.

"Perhaps the reason for God's existence is to create an existence for others?"

I'm not so sure that's a valid answer ... why would something need to exist to create existence for others? It's not like an infinite empty void would care about creating existence for others... your proposition makes it seem as if he was 'created' for a purpose, which raises the question; why does he exist for that purpose? Why wouldn't there just be no being that existed for that purpose?

"We think we are alone in the universe but the universe is SO large with so much that we just don't know. Perhaps God is pure energy, and if we are "created in his likeness" we are too literal a thinking that as we are now is his likeness, perhaps the energy within us evolved into what we are now."

All of these 'what ifs?' are a bit too speculative for me to find a firm ground to comment from, but still interesting questions to think about.

"Oh I agree. I think it's just an easier answer. But it's an impossible answer. We can't really speak for God, we can't say we know Him until of course, we die. So we come across a conundrum. Those who don't believe in Him want reasonable answers to some reasonable questions. And those who do can only answer so much."

That is of course a correct point. I don't think anybody can answer my question about why God exists with absolute certainty, which is part of the point I'm trying to make. It is far wiser for one to say that they don't know why the universe came to be instead of eternal nothingness, than it is to claim 'God did it' without explanation as to why he existed, or to claim God (or some other god(s)) didn't do it without a full explanation as to why the universe came to be 'on its own.' Some physicists might be coming close to some answers, which I find very interesting, but for now nobody really knows.

"Why wouldn't He exist? Because people don't want to believe in only scientific answers."

I know what you are saying, but to clarify, that of course doesn't truly answer the question of why wouldn't he exist. I think He wouldn't have existed if there were never any reason for his existence, no 'why.' In that case the universe would have had to form itself. Whether or not that reason existed, and if so what would it be are the questions that follow.

":D I do hope you are feeling better!"

I am starting to now, thanks.

P.S, when you referred to your trip I at first worried it was a drug induced one, rather than an actual trip (e.g. via plane/train etc), I think (hope) that it was the latter. :)

1 point

"Under your's and man's logic, the value we put on anything can change with the times."

That's economics 101 mate.

1 point

I always wondered about this. Seems logical, I should probably wait for an argument against it before making one of my own for its being logical.

1 point

All good points.................................................................................................

2 points

"LOL, so you can't give me an answer to the simple question of human life, and whose lives we give value to."

The fact that you think these questions are simple proves your ignorance.

"If we as the human race decide YOUR LIFE is no longer of value, could we make it a legal choice for your parents to kill you?"

Yes, of course. That is, however, an entirely different question to what you asked before, and is even less relevant as a response to my original argument than your first reply was.

Mack(254) Clarified
1 point

Interesting. Glad not to have to fight with you so much. Open mindedness is the only way to truth it seems. I will do some research about astral projection, I am always skeptical.

What you say about the spirit is interesting. I neither believe nor disbelieve you, but am curious.

1 point

I agree with you entirely. I think that employers should take high school completion quite seriously because it shows that the candidate has some competence. That being said, I think employers might do well not to dismiss people immediately only because of a lack of high school completion (though it depends on the job to a degree) since there have been people who have done great things in intellectual fields without having finished school, Einstein being an example (I think he went to college, but you get my point).

Mack(254) Clarified
1 point

Your answer was unclear, and didn't seem to say much of anything. It seems to me you think it impossible that true nothingness could have existed?

"God is the mega package of the huge vacuum of nothing before the universe existed."

I think I understand what you are trying to say with this line here, but isn't this just speculation from you? The rest of what you say in this bit seem to just be assertions without evidence - God is this, God is that, etc.

"Nothing can't exist without God neither can anything"

So you say Gd is a necessary being? If you can provide evidence for this claim then you will have answered my first question.

"A spirit I know."

What spirit is this? If you have real evidence of an eternal superhuman being then you should be given a Nobel prize.

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